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MONTROSE – The Lee County Conservation Board is close to finalizing a new set of bylaws for operations of the board.

A set of 1996 bylaws were presented to the board in December by West Point resident Rusty Robbins that outlined how the board is to conduct business on an annual basis.

Board members were given a redacted version of the bylaws as part of a refreshing of the document. Board members Sandra Fullhart-Snyder, Richard Whitaker, and District Director Nathan Unsworth make up a committee looking at bringing the bylaws current.

Unsworth said Iowa Code will still govern the board’s regulations, but the bylaws are good for controlling the operations of the board itself.

“We’re dictated by state code, these bylaws are more just how the board itself functions, but the overriding thing that dictates how we operate is the state code,” Unsworth said.

It remains unclear if the board is still governed by the 1996 bylaws as presented because the bylaws were to be reviewed annually by the board and considered each November.

Article 10 of the 1996 document reads – “These bylaws shall be reviewed by the conservation board each year at the November board meeting and approval or amendments proposed for revisions or corrections, amendments may be proposed at any regular meeting but must be again considered at the next regular board meeting, in open session, before adoption. Adoption shall require approval of at least four (4) board members.”

The bylaws were approved by the board at its May 1996 meeting. The bylaws also have an Article 1 that reads “Chapter 350, 1994 Code of Iowa, is the governing authority, and the purpose, power, and duties as defined and set forth in said Chapter will control the functions of the conservation board, its employees and its facilities.

Unsworth said he was meeting with County Attorney Ross Braden next week before bringing a finalized version back to the board. He wanted Braden to look over the bylaws for any legal issues before bringing the completed set back to the board for approval. He said he was hoping to have the changes approved and back for a vote by the board at a February meeting.

In other action, the board voted

– 5-0 to appoint Richard Whitaker as chairman and Harry Sylvester as vice chairman of the board.

  • 5-0 to sponsor Pheasants Forever for $250

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