Students work featured at FMAAA reception Saturday

This "Feather Print" is one of more than 700 Budding Artist pieces on display this month at the Fort Madison Area Artists Association. A reception is set for Saturday 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Photo courtesy of FMAAA.

FMAAA Director

FORT MADISON – The Budding Artist Exhibition is ready for visual action at FMAAA gallery. This exhibition previews the talents of artistic growth activated in the art education portals of our local school systems. Reception for the K-8 students will occur January 20th from 2-4pm. Farmers Savings Bank is the sponsor for this year’s exhibition. The weather created some roadblocks for the collection from HTC, Central Lee, and Ft. Madison Public, as the annual Xmas break was extended. But, as you will see, so worth the wait! Last years tally at 425 art projects was impressive, but at 700+ works an astounding montage to your local talent pool is reflected.

This has traditionally been one of the most packed receptions of the year. It seems Jack Frost is an art fan as will be cooling his jets this Saturday for this family fun celebration of art talent housed at 825 Avenue G. Enjoy reception treats from HyVee with your family members while touring this collective entourage of kid’s artistic excellence. With this many examples of student art work, pieces are literally hung from ceiling to floor. FMAAA can pull the piece from the montage for photo opportunities. Young artists have enjoyed the shot alongside carousel carved horse, Kenny Krogmeier’s passing donation to FMAAA, annually let out of the barn for this utilization.Have never seen so many examples of projects from kindergarten age with over 60 works from Central Lee, Ft. Madison, and HTC. Nothing like starting the next generation of creators out early! Typically give a projection of project types per grade. With 700+ cannot do it but instead will give you a sampling of one grade. Third grade Richardson and Lincoln has an interesting trading card project with each student creating their own work in small scale. And they are riveting, expect them to have more trade value than Pokeman cards. Third graders as Holy Trinity each did their own individual take on clowns displaying emotion. You can tell what those clowns are thinking! Central Lee third grade has flown the coop with a bird project nested upon a scratchboard background. Maybe some Angry Birds? That was sampling of one grade, come see the inspiring works at each grade level this month.

This show is special due to the educators involved. Thanks always to such a talented crew of regional art educators: Mrs. Kaity Price, Mrs. Diane Mitchell, and Mrs. Amy Hellige for Ft. Madison public schools; Mrs. Ann Canida and Mrs. Jaime Jones for Central Lee; and Mrs. Lois de Prima and Mr. Steve Rung at Holy Trinity. A special mention of recognition is certainly due to Lois, as she is leaving her role with Holy Trinity (which she began after retiring from Ft. Madison!).  Many, many years ago in the mighty C,B,&Q depot, Lois stopped by to see me to pitch the importance of a K-8 level art show at the gallery to represent developing creators in the school system. Was so happy to have taken her advice as this annual (except when actually hanging the show) has been a consistent staple in the FMAAA menu of cultural achievement. It seems to improve year after year. Be sure to see how Lois teams with her sister, Linda Hardy, for September Feature Exhibit in 2018. See how these talented Twins activate to form a myriad of mediums at FMAAA.


FMMS 6th grade Pop Art

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