Loebsack donates shutdown pay to veteran charities

WASHINGTON D.C. – Congressman Dave Loebsack released the following statement after the House voted on legislation to reopen the government.

“Let me be clear, the shutdown is the result of one thing: the inability to compromise. This whole disaster shows just how broken Washington really is. While I remain deeply skeptical that today’s agreement will actually lead to the change that is needed, it at least provides a framework to begin dealing with issues Iowans tell me they want addressed. I will support the effort in hopes that Congress can somehow do better.

“With the shutdown being the most recent example of the dysfunction in Washington, it makes no sense to me that the only people who did not feel any of the pain are Members of Congress themselves. I do not believe Members of Congress should be treated differently from the thousands of other federal employees who were furloughed and Iowans who suffered from Washington’s incompetence. I will be donating my salary from the three days the government was shutdown to local charities in Iowa that support our veterans.

“Whether the government is open or closed, my number one priority is making sure the needs of Iowans continue to be met. That is why my offices will remain open one hour later, until 6:00pm CST, through the end of the week to accommodate any additional needs Iowans may have. Iowans need and deserve assistance dealing with federal agencies and working families will have my support.

“Now the work begins on coming to an agreement on a long-term, commonsense budget. Our nation cannot afford to continue kicking the can down the road. Over the past fiscal year, the government has been funded by a series of short-term budget plans, a process Defense Secretary Mattis said does more harm to our military readiness than “any enemy in the field.” As a military parent, I stand ready to continue working with anyone on a long-term solution instead of pursuing partisan, short-term funding plans that puts our men and women in uniform at risk.”

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