Letter to the Editor – Reader sympathizes with dislocated workers

The taxpayers will find some other company to give millions and hundred of millions to make new jobs. The fertilizer plant was $2.5 million per employee. Lee County has had the honor to be in the top 5 unemployed counties in Iowa for 50 years. Last time I looked it was number 1 again. If it was not number one this will make it there now. We have good roads, airport, river traffic, and plenty of skilled and unskilled people and yet no company wants to locate here without a lot of taxpayer money. Why is that? This paying for jobs is getting out of hand. Maybe ok if the job has a contract to be here 10 years or pay back the funds. There will soon be a limit as to what counties can pay to have new factories locate there. No one wants to lose their job and are new jobs to be given with the warning that it can be lost next week or next year. In other words where can one find more companies who have long life spans. Every lost job is a drain on the family and the taxpayers. Sadness for all.
James Easter

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