City to vote on $267K trash can program


FORT MADISON – Fort Madison residents may soon have a new option for their trash removal that could save them money while helping clean up the city.

In a proposal to be voted on Tuesday, city councilmen will be voting on whether or not the city should purchase 4,300 containers for city residents to use in place of private garbage cans.

City Manager David Varley is recommending the city move forward with the project at a cost not to exceed $267,000.

The new program will allow residents to purchase either a 65-gallon or 95-gallon roll-away container at $15 and $17.50 per month respectively. The cost is $258,270 for the trash containers and $8,730 for delivery and public information about the change of service.

“We believe that supplying city-owned garbage containers would help eliminate the garbage that is not being put into private containers (such as on the ground), will make solid waste more productive in recycling, and will help make the city a cleaner place to live,” wrote Varley in his recommendation to the council.

“We also believe it will be more convenient for our customers and will give them choices they don’t have now.”

The containers are being offered by Rehrig Pacific Company with delivery and public information campaigns coming from Municipal Connection.

Varley said the cost of the program has already been saved through delayed major equipment purchases and reduced labor. He said the money is now in the solid waste fund to pay for the new program and the containers.

He said the new program will also allow customers to enjoy a “pay for what you use” program.

In other action Tuesday, the council will:

  • vote to authorize the issuance of $1.7 million in Water Revenue Capital Loan Notes for the purpose of paying costs associated with the water tower rehabilitation project.
  • vote on a resolution ratifying a settlement agreement with the Teamsters Local 238, Water Department
  • vote to receive and file the city’s audit for Fiscal Year ended June, 30, 2017.

3 thoughts on “City to vote on $267K trash can program

  1. ummm,no!!!my garbage cans are paid for already and work just fine..the city needs to stop charging us more and more money.

  2. Our city does a lot less than most around us, fall clean up is a joke!! The towns around us still come to your house once a year, when Fort Madison changed it I knew the city would have trash all over !

  3. I’m not going to pay for a new garbage can-have lived here almost 8 yrs and had same garbage can which works just fine-when they can find it!!! LOL!

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