Letter to the Editor – HTC parent supports new public elementary


Dear Editor,

To all my friends and FMCSD, please make your voice heard at the polls April 3rd for the future of Fort Madison with a new elementary school. While my youngest is a student at HTC, I understand and still support the vote for a new elementary school even though my child won’t benefit. The benefit will be your child, grandchild, or neighbor child. The benefit will be employers looking for a place to bring their company to Fort Madison and bring more jobs for those kids’ parents. Kids yearn for and dream of an education where they can learn in a setting with literally walls and climate control unlike in other countries like Nepal or other third world countries. Our children in this country are so blessed to live a free and democratic society, but in parts of our country are those who want education in a setting that allows for uninterrupted learning and without impediment. We have now in Fort Madison elementary schools not meeting the standards we should expect and the kids deserve. HTC did an amazing job of raising funds to build a new elementary school through private donations, because they believed. Public school parents believe as well and come from all walks of life to experience one thing, education in a place free from life’s distractions. For some kids, school is an oasis or place for seven hours they can be free of a home life that may not be conducive for learning, let alone free of any type of other distractions. I don’t have a lot of money, but I have a lot of heart and passion for education in the youth, the future, my future because my future is in the youth and their education. Please vote YES on April 3rd!

Thank you from a parent of child who won’t benefit from a new school, but believes in education and giving every opportunity for intellectual growth even if it means a slight increase in my taxes.
Brian Wright

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