Letter to the Editor – Parent supports new building


Dear Editor;

I am a parent of two kids in the Fort Madison Community School District and an active member of the KIDS Committee. To keep Fort Madison moving forward I believe the residents of the Fort Madison Community School District should vote in favor of the proposed bond referendum.
In both elementary schools, the gym serves as a physical education space, as well as a lunch room. As my kindergartener says “we have to eat lunch in the same room where the sweaty kids just had PE.” He’s a bit dramatic, but he’s right.
More importantly, neither elementary building is completely handicapped accessible. Richardson has three levels and no elevator. Students in 2nd and 3rd grade attend class on the upper levels, and every way to those classrooms requires the use of stairs. An elevator cannot be added because of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Though the buildings are grandfathered in, any future changes to the schools would require the entire building to be ADA compliant. This is where the $40 million price tag comes in. Unfortunately, the school cannot simply make small additions at this point, and we need our community’s support to make these changes possible.
If you’re opposed to the bond, I encourage you to visit one of the schools and take a look around before you vote no. Something will have to be done eventually, and so voting against this bond is only delaying the inevitable.
Schools are different today than they were when we, the voters, grew up. Technology has changed and space needs have changed. The school district needs to change also. Please vote yes on April 3rd.

Kim Shacklett,
Fort Madison

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