Alfred named HTC Teacher of the Year

Ryan Alfred, center, receives his award after being named the HTC Teacher of the Year on Saturday night by Lisa Hanson, left, and Loren Menke, right. Photo by Ava Peitz/PCC Intern
PCC HTC Intern
FORT MADISON – The annual Holy Trinity Blue and Silver Celebration was held Saturday night, and was full of Irish dancing and delicious desserts.
After the festivities had concluded, however, Loren Menke and Lisa Hansen, both school board members, took to the front of McAleer Hall to announce Holy Trinity’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
This year, the award recipient was Holy Trinity High School’s social studies teacher, Ryan Alfred.
Alfred has been teaching at the Holy Trinity Catholic High school for 3 years, and has enjoyed every moment of it.
“All the good times that I’ve had teaching at Holy Trinity and working with the students, I’ve really enjoyed those times.”
Along with teaching several classes, he also advises the debate team, student council, and homecoming committee. In and out of the classroom, many students would agree that Alfred uses teaching methods that can spark interest in social studies.
“It (the award) will allow us to get more resources for the classroom, but, other that that, I’ll still continue to teach the same way.”
By taking students to the United States Capitol to meet with their legislators, Alfred has spread his love for government and social sciences.
“I really wanted to become a teacher to pass on my love for social studies, history, and government. I also wanted to help students gain knowledge, and to pass on that interest that I have to my students.”
This is Holy Trinity’s fourth year of the Blue and Silver celebration, which is held by the Holy Trinity School Board. Blue and Silver is made possible every year by generous donors and sponsors, including local businesses and citizens. The money raised during the fundraiser goes directly into teacher bonuses.
The previous three winners have been Brad Kurtz, Linda Peitz, and Renee Holiday.
HTC’s Michael Sheerin works the room Saturday night at McAleer Hall during HTC’s annual spring fundraiser. Photo by Ava Peitz/PCC Intern

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