Letter to the Editor – What was once good enough, is no more



I have heard some say that they won’t bother to vote because they have no kids in the school system. Some say they went to school in Fort Madison and the grade schools were good enough for them.

As a senior citizen, who went through the Fort Madison school system, I ask you to remember: When we were in grade school, we had no air conditioning in our homes, or in the places we shopped. Our bodies were used to the heat, so the hot temperatures in the schools didn’t affect us. Imagine yourself today, going from your air-conditioned home, or office into a small room with 20-30 other people with the temperature close to or over 100 °.

My children no longer live here, so I will not have grandchildren go through our school system; but – it is still our town, and our responsibility to the children of our town, to see them safe, to see them respected, and to see them get the best education they can, to be our future leaders.

Let’s give them the best opportunity. They deserve it.

Jan Garza
Fort Madison

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