Letter to the Editor – Mayor says spend on school district’s future, not past

Fort Madison isn’t sitting still, and neither should its educational system.  Activity is in the air, from new subdivisions, to new businesses. There is significant investment in infrastructure, updating and improving our community for a successful tomorrow.  A very proactive, forward thinking taking place.  Shouldn’t we be doing the same for our educational system?  Fort Madison’s greatest asset is our younger generation.  If we want our community to be successful tomorrow, we must invest in our youth today. Making our educational system a cornerstone for the future should be one of Fort Madison’s highest priorities.  Business and Industry count on a quality educational system that can keep up and provide for an ever-evolving, fast-paced world.  Our educational system is equally dependent on a successful community.  Without one, we may end up with neither.  With the schools’ current conditions, one way or the other the school district is going to have to ask for and spend our tax dollars.  For me, I prefer that they spend it on the future, not on the past.  Please join me in voting yes for kids!
Brad Randolph
Fort Madison

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