Volpe named FMCH Employee of the Month



FORT MADISON – Fort Madison Community Hospital recognized Robert Volpe as their February Employee of the Month. Volpe works in Laboratory Services as part of the night shift team at FMCH. He has been with FMCH for twelve years. Volpe was recognized with this nomination:

From left to right, Jeremy Alexander, President/CEO, Robert Volpe FMCH February Employee of the Month, and Becky Hunter, Director of Laboratory Services

This person has been part of the night shift team/family since they began working at FMCH.  They knew absolutely no one when they started, but took very little time getting to know people.  Over the years, this person has really become a strong example of the Standards of Behavior. This person exemplifies Guest Relations by ALWAYS first introducing themselves, using AIDET.  Then, before leaving the room, this person can be heard saying, “Is there anything else I can do for you?” followed by, ” you are in good hands with (this nurse).  S/he will take great care of you.”  Not only does this person SAY the correct things, this person will also follow-up with any request the patient has made. Another standard that I often see this person living is Positive Attitude.  This person spent much brainwork figuring out cost-saving measures that could be implemented that would, in addition, help to improve morale. Morale is another standard exhibited by this person. On holidays (whether actual or declared by this person), this person is the one who organizes carry-ins. When a night shift person is leaving us to get married or move away, this person is the one who brings in “all the fixin’s” of a farewell dinner of the honoree’s choice. This also displays Commitment to Co-Workers. This person further demonstrates Commitment to Co-Workers by being willing to come in on their scheduled night off when another scheduled co-worker is sick at home.  If a co-worker needs off for vacation or leave, this person is found stepping up to help cover the hours/shifts left vacant by the vacationing co-worker.  This person is available to assist when a code blue is called in the ER with chest compressions, in addition to their usual task during codes. This person consistently displays the Standards of Behavior in many ways. I can say, without a doubt, that this person focuses so much on how to improve themselves that they have very little time to criticize others.

Volpe recognized many fellow employees with making a difference in his career at FMCH including: Nancy St. Clair; Mary Zippe; Vicki Kokjohn; Tim Torgler; Ann Torgler; Nicki Gellatly; Becky Hunter, Dr. Goodwill, Jim Platt and of course the entire third shift, both past and present.
“My favorite part about working at FMCH is the overall commitment to the community, the compassion for the staff, the administration seeing that we remain competitive in the market place by making sure we have the tools necessary to complete our jobs. The Encouragement from the administration to not just be a body but a voice both inside FMCH and out in the community as well; also the challenges set forth for us as a whole, as an individual to be the best we can, to go above and beyond our capabilities and to accept and adapt to change,” Volpe responded when asked his favorite part of working at FMCH.

Volpe enjoys spending time with his chocolate lab and close friends, boating, dining out or watching television when not at work.
The Employee of the Month is an initiative developed by the Reward & Recognition team. Each month a FMCH employee is honored for going above and beyond for the good of the patient, their co-workers and the organization.

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