HTC reflects on ‘Wizard’ performance

The HTC musical "The Wizard of Oz" is spurring some cast members to look forward to next year's production. Photo by Ava Peitz/HTC Intern

HTC Intern
FORT MADISON  – As Dorothy would say, “There’s no place like home.”
After speaking with Sabrina Fullhart, who played Dorothy in Holy Trinity Catholic’s production of the Wizard of Oz, it was clear that the actors felt at home on stage. “I will never forget about how after each show, I felt as if I had left everything out on the stage.”
Fullhart is a senior, and hopes to carry memories of Holy Trinity’s musical productions with her to college.
“I used every amount of energy that I had for each performance and I feel as if I should put that much effort into everything that I do in college, whether it’s a test or a concert,” Fullhart said.
Her favorite memory from this year’s production includes improvising a line on the spot.
“During my last show, Ryan (the Wizard) came on stage, and I said that he was short, at least for a wizard. The audience loved it so much that I even broke character and had to turn away to laugh a little myself.”
HTC’s Sabrina Fullhart delivers on stage at the high school’s musical “Wizard of Oz” in March. Photo by Ava Peitz/HTC Intern

Alongside Dorothy were her sidekicks – a scarecrow, a lion, and a tinman.

Her fellow senior, Conrad Hellman, played the role of Scarecrow.
“I will participate in some kind of college theater, hopefully,” he said. Being a senior, Hellman has made many memories participating in the musical, and the lessons that come along with performing.
“Sometimes you just gotta let loose and be yourself. No one will judge you if they see you enjoy what you’re doing.”
Maille Sheerin, a Holy Trinity sophomore, portrayed the courageous Lion.
“One of my favorite parts of getting to perform was just being able to be on stage with all of my friends!” Being a mere sophomore, Sheerin hopes to perform in many future productions. “I’ve been in the past three musicals for the high school and hope to be in the next two for my last years of high school.”
Danny Caruso, a Holy Trinity freshman, took on a lead role as Tinman.
“My favorite part of being in the musical was spending time with the cast. I really enjoyed the second night. On the first night, it was kind of chaotic, but after I got used to it all, it worked out well,” he said.
Caruso hopes to participate in the musical next year.
Stewart Beyer, the choir director at Holy Trinity, directed the production.
“I think the Sunday matinée was the most solid performance this year. It was just because the second act worked out really well for all nights, but the first act on Sunday was singular. It was just that one that went so well.”
Beyer has been directing for a few years, and has watched several senior actors progress. “It was pretty awesome. Sabrina evolved into her roles. In maturity of the roles, and in the sheer volume of lines and music that she had to work with. Conrad obviously got a bigger part each year as well, and I just really saw him as a utility actor that could do any role and fit it just fine. Joe Hummel is our stage manager, but he actually performed in Grease, last year’s production, so that was cool to see,” Beyer said.
Beyer was proud of the cast and crew this year for working together.
“I think they learned some stuff from the plot. The biggest thing I think they learned about this year was the extenuating circumstances with my hospital visit and having a baby, they just really learned how to become an autonomous group. I was really happy with that result.”

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