Letter to the editor – Mayor walking the talk


Not doing enough for you?

Fellow citizens: the next time you are sitting at home wondering about things the city should be doing for you, please stop are read Chuck Vandenberg’s article “Close to 100 scatter to pick up city’s litter” and note that Mayor Randolph was out there today doing his part. He wasn’t standing around looking like he was in charge – he was doing the work. Picking up trash. The event brought back a memory for me of the famous speech of John Kennedy… “ask NOT what your country can do for YOU; ask what YOU can do for your country.”
Imagine for a moment what this town would be like if every able-bodied, able-minded citizen young and old contributed something they are good at even something like volunteering, something as small as picking up a piece of litter, keeping their property clean, or helping a neighbor when an opportunity presents itself. Thank you to all of those other fine people I saw today – teachers, students, neighbors, and strangers, who were out today helping the mayor, the Chamber of Commerce and others. We have a great town, and are all in this town together, so lets show our pride in it!

Michael Killoren
Fort Madison

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