Hawes named FMCH Employee of the Month


FORT MADISON – Fort Madison Community Hospital recognized Joyce Hawes as their March Employee of the Month. Hawes is a nurse in the FMCH Birthplace. She has been with FMCH for two-and-a-half years. Hawes was recognized with this nomination:


This nurse is the definition of team work. She is always warm and welcoming, whether it be at the beginning or end of her shift. She is gracious and professional, flexible and adaptable. Her compassion for others untiring. She shares solutions and never complains. Her commitment to her coworkers is unfaltering. She is consistently recognized by her peers as well as Department Directors in rounding for her hard work and dedication in all nursing departments. Always lending a hand, or taking on another patient, or adjusting her assignment to meet everyone’s needs. With her admirable guest relation skills and soft and calming voice she can connect with her patients on a personal level and strive to find a solution to even the most difficult situations. A true nurse, always giving of herself one hundred percent to those that she is serving. Most recently she was recognized by the ER staff for the calm care that she provided for a patient who did not know that she was expecting and delivered at home. The patient presented to the ER. This nurse was unruffled as she helped transfer the mom and baby from the car into the ER and continued on with routine care, continually reassuring the mom who was in astonishment of what had happened.
Hawes expressed the following about working at FMCH, “I feel everyone has helped me with my journey at FMCH. All of my co-workers in the Birthplace have been welcoming, and have been and are still teaching me new things, and new ways of doing old tasks. The Doctors have been very open and encouraging. Heather Stevenson has been awesome. I have a family here, and I am a part of that family. I think FMCH is a great place to work and I have enjoyed my journey so far.”
When not at work, Hawes enjoys time with her husband, children and grandchildren doing outdoor activities. She is also very active in her church and community.
The Employee of the Month is an initiative developed by the Reward & Recognition team. Each month a FMCH employee is honored for going above and beyond for the good of the patient, their co-workers and the organization.
Pictured: Heather Stevenson, Director of Maternal Child, Joyce Hawes, Jeremy Alexander, President/CEO

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