Letter to the Editor – Nepalese children still need your support


Rebuild Nepal Education

Namaste!!! Thanks to you Chuck and Lee and your staff for your continued support for my educational mission in Nepal. Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation. As most of your readers know the difficulty in the rural regions of Nepal became insurmountable after the devastating earthquake of May 2015. Almost 3 years ago as of this date. 9,000 plus people died. 3,000 still unaccounted for. All of the people in the extreme rural regions simply lost everything and now have to decide….send my kid to school or save the few dollars needed for school to be used to rebuild my home. Tough decision, yes? No support has reached these rural regions. I want to thank the The Pen City Current for keeping the community informed and focused on the children of Nepal; our foundation’s Board of Directors thank you & the entire community for your support; thanks to the schools that have invited us in to give an assembly on the culture of Nepal; thanks to the local leaders who have supported our vision; AND to you our community members for supporting this special project.
I leave in less than 3 weeks for Nepal to volunteer in village’s schools devastated by the earthquake with other volunteers. But, I still need your help. Additional funds are needed & used Smart Phones. Smart Phones, wipe clear, connector cord. Send them or contact me. Send checks to: Rebuild Nepal Education, 2224 204th Avenue, Donnellson, IA 52625. Website donation: https://www.gofundme.com/2f2mgsek
Thanks!!! And you can follow our progress on my Facebook Page. Friend request me.
From the Nepali children to you, I say Thank You & Namaste!!!

Ernest Schiller

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