Morawitz best for Iowans – Letter to the Editor


Letter to the Editor:
This letter is to show support of Bob Morawitz, Democratic candidate for the Iowa House. Bob has proven himself to put the constituents he is representing first, making sure their voices are heard. During his run for Council, Bob made a point to be out in front of the people- knocking on doors and listening to what their concerns are. He is doing the same thing now- knocking on doors throughout District 83 to get a better understanding as to what Lee County needs him to take to the State to work on for them. He is a dedicated man when it comes to making sure things are done right- which is what is best for Iowans. Bob has worked hard during his career as an electrician, has worked hard for his family and civic group, and I feel he will put that same energy into representing Lee County and District 83 in Des Moines.
I encourage people to get out and vote for the primary election on June 5th.

Tim Gobble
Fort Madison

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