Food pantry to benefit from area Chief’s ticket sales


FORT MADISON – The North Lee County Food Pantry in Fort Madison is partnering with the Kansas City Chiefs in a summer fundraiser.

According to Lin Cramer, the director of the food pantry, Chiefs fans who are planning on attending games this summer can purchase discounted tickets at 

The Chiefs organization is offering up to five games at discounted rates and when purchasing the tickets through the fundraiser link, entering NLCFP in the promo code will trigger a $10 donation to the food pantry for each ticket sold.
Lin Cramer said she hopes to capitalize on the large Chiefs fan base in the area to help beef up the pantry’s funding.
“Michael Waters, the seasonal ticket sales representative for the Kansas City Chiefs, contacted me about their fundraiser program for 2018.  I didn’t ask but they may be targeting the Feeding the Hungry initiative and contacting food pantries throughout the country,” Cramer said.

“For each ticket sold, we will receive $10, so I don’t expect it to be a particularly large total amount for the Pantry, but it’ll take little work on our part and gets the Food Pantry’s name, as well as the Chiefs’ name, out there. Whatever is collected will be appreciated and used to good purpose.”

She said the Fort Madison community and supporters have been very helpful in getting the pantry back on better financial footing.

“The community and media have been fabulous in helping the Pantry get back on its feet.  I am so grateful for every donation—food and money—that we have received.  The generosity of people helping people is amazing.   The summer, with children out of school, brings on special needs. So we always look at ways to keep our doors open and shelves stocked.”

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