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MONTROSE – It may cost more in the near future for a ride in a Lee County EMS ambulance.

Bill Young, executive director of Lee County EMS Ambulance, Inc. has submitted a letter to county officials asking for a change in fee structure at Tuesday’s meeting of the Board of Supervisors.

In the letter dated June 22, Young outlines the proposed rate structures and indicated the increases will match Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield fee schedules.

“B” level non-emergency services will increase from $365 to $372, while “B” level emergency services will increase from $585 to $595.

“A” level emergency services will jump from $695 to $706 while “A2” level services will move from $1,005 to $1,023.

Lee County Auditor Denise Fraise asked Lee County Attorney Ross Braden to outline the county’s contractual obligations regarding the fee increases.

In a memo to Fraise, Braden said the county would have 30 days to either reject the proposed increases or accept them. By not taking any action on the proposal, the new rates would go into effect after 30 days.

Braden also indicated that Lee County EMS has the right to pull out of the contract “if they operate at a loss for reasons beyond their control”.

Young indicated in his letter to the board that all other service charges will remain the same.

The board will also consider;

• approving contracts with Iowa Bridge and Culvert for replacing the culverts at 130th Street and 310th Street.

• receive and file the publication of salaries for fiscal year 2019.


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