Snaadt joins Fort Madison Partners office

Sabrina Snaadt, left, and Fort Madison Chamber coordinator Savanna Collier do training on the front-end system at the Partner's office Monday. Snaadt joined the staff as Office Manager on July 2. Photo by Chuck Vandenberg/PCC


FORT MADISON – Fort Madison Partners has added more local talent to the staff.

Naming Denicia Wright to the post of Main Street coordinator, from her short-lived stint as Partners office manager, opened up a position that Partners Director Tim Gobble quickly filled with a local Fort Madison High School graduate and former real estate specialist Sabrina Snaadt.


Wright took over for Cassie Gilbert in July. Gilbert moved to North Dakota and is now working for North Dakota State University’s Career Center.

Snaadt, who took over as office manager on July 2, said she had applied for a different position with Partners years ago, but had forgotten about that until she saw an advertisement for the Office Manager’s position.

“I had been down here to interview for a position a while back, but I decided at the time it wasn’t the right fit,” she said. “When I heard that this job was open, I was very, very excited because I wanted to come back to the community like I was in real estate. I knew this was something that I’d really enjoy doing.”

Snaadt graduated from Fort Madison High School in 2001. She was a stay-at-home mom for seven years before deciding to pursue a career in real estate and went to work with Karen Hope in Fort Madison.

She said that experience opened up connections for her with local business owners and community members. After a couple of years selling properties, Snaadt said she wanted to find something where income was a little more stable and started looking for a full-time position.

While looking, Snaadt served with the Knights of Columbus as a volunteer for about 10 years and also served on the Holy Trinity God’s Portion Day committee for four years.

“I’ve been looking forward to the work here because it involved helping people with public relations and event planning. The Holy Trinity God’s Portion Day committee involves a whole lot of planning,” she said.

Snaadt said she’s looking forward to the opportunity to get out and help local business owners. She said despite the full-time office responsibilities, she’s looking forward to being part of the programming of the Partners umbrella, including the arms of Fort Madison Main Street, Fort Madison Chamber of Commerce and Fort Madison Economic Development Corporation.

“Obviously Partners groups are deeply involved in the community and that’s what I like. I like going to local businesses and helping promote them,” Snaadt said. “I love being Savanna’s right hand for the Chamber and I feel like I get to be involved in assisting all of the groups under the umbrella.”

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