Reynolds appoints district judge to state’s high court

DES MOINES – Gov. Kim Reynolds announced Judge Susan Christensen as her Iowa Supreme Court justice selection Wednesday afternoon at the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines.

Christensen, of Harlan, received her law degree from the Creighton University School of Law and her undergraduate degree from Judson College. Most recently, she served as a district court judge in the Fourth Judicial District.

“Judge Christensen didn’t take a typical path to where she is today,” Gov. Reynolds said. “She attended law school later than most, working for years as a legal secretary to support her family and pay for her schooling. She understands the challenges of everyday Iowans. She’s a mother of five and a grandmother of four. She hails from Harlan in rural southwest Iowa and will be the only justice to work outside one of our metro areas. And with her appointment, there will once again be a woman’s voice on the Iowa Supreme Court. I am proud that Judge Christensen will now be continuing her distinguished career of service to all Iowans on the Iowa Supreme Court.”

Gov. Reynolds spent the past several weeks considering the three nominees submitted to her by the state judicial nominating commission. Each nominee submitted extensive written materials. The governor also received recommendations and input from dozens of Iowans. Last week, she personally interviewed each nominee.

“Iowans need judges who are smart, thoughtful and hard-working,” Gov. Reynolds continued. “We need judges who understand the proper role of the courts within our government. Judges who will apply the law, not make it. Judges who will decide cases based upon the text of our statues and constitution, not their personal policy preferences.”

Christensen is the governor’s first appointment to the Iowa Supreme Court.

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