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I had fielded one-too-many quips about my weight: “Really pack’n it on there, aren’t you?” This hurt my feelings, so I decided to do something about it. We have plenty of eggs with our dozen hens, so many eggs that we give’m away—the good farm-fresh brown eggs, high in Omega 3.
Ginnie and Curt have trimmed down on the E&E Diet: Eggs & Exercise Years ago, I had tried the Atkins Diet and lost a bunch of weight, but got tired (and a little sick) from all the red meat. I decided to try my own hybrid concoction—a high protein, low carbohydrate approach—no bread, potatoes, pasta, desserts, or soda pop—diet or regular. Plus 30 minutes of aerobic exercise daily—which is doable on anybody’s busy schedule. Ginnie and I are fortunate in that we have an exercise room with a gymnasium-grade treadmill, elliptical machine and wall-mounted television for Classic Rock, movies and news. We don’t even have to leave the house to workout. Exercise is extremely important during weight loss to tone the muscles.
I quickly discovered that the treadmill, even at a walking pace, was bothering my 70-year old hip. I switched to the elliptical machine, which burns more calories, is low impact, and builds the upper body as well as the legs. In a 30-minute workout, which includes a warm-up and cool-down period, I can burn 650 calories.
I’m a before breakfast, morning exerciser. I drag Ginnie out of bed kicking and screaming to use the treadmill, while I workout on the elliptical machine. It really helps when both people are on the same page during weight loss. And it’s a good time for us both. People who sweat together have no regrets together.
After the workout, it’s chores and breakfast. Egg bowls are our preferred, easiest, less-messy way of preparing eggs using the microwave. Coat a cereal bowl with non-stick spray, add eggs (I’m a three-egg man), beat, add milk and bacon bits, or whatever you want, cover, and nuke. Add cheddar cheese. Voila! It’s a omelet in a bowl. No toast. Don’t need it. Shoot, if Ginnie is gone overnight, I’ve been known to eat eggs three times a day.
For lunch and supper it can be some kind of meat (I’m a double-bacon-cheeseburger fan, no bun, even while eating out) with vegetables, salad and fruit.
I started the E&E Diet last November. To date I’ve lost 45 lbs (234 to 189), my tee-shirt size has shrunk from a double-extra large, to a large, and waist from 40” to 34”. My double chin is gone, I can cross my legs, and my pectorals are losing their sag. Get this, I even take my shirt off while mowing. Yep. And I’m not embarrassed about meeting people I haven’t seen in years. My goal is 180 lbs, and it is in sight.
At my annual check-up my doctor actually did jumping jacks over the weight loss. My blood pressure is a cool 123 over 81, and blood work, including cholesterol and triglycerides, checked out fine.
Just like when I quit drinking, you have to do this for yourself. It’s your health that will benefit, your life expectancy that you will extend. Stay away from the lose-weight-fast programs. Easy off, easy right back on (and then some). Been there done that. Be prepared for the “plateaus” and even the tiny weight gains. Just keep at it, slow and steady. This is a weight-loss regimen that is sustainable long term, even with the big eating seasons of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Super Bowl coming up.
Caution: don’t fall into the trap of equating weight loss with happiness. It helps, but true happiness has nothing to do with pant size. Happiness is a byproduct of right living. And, for heaven sake, ignore the naysayers. “Are you sick? Are you trying to lose weight? You look anorexic.” They’re jealous.
Ginnie, having shed 23 lbs, is sure looking good. That’s my reward!
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