Police chase in city turns up stolen vehicle


FORT MADISON – A late Tuesday night chase led Fort Madison police officers to an abandoned stolen vehicle.

At approximately 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, an officer attempted to pull over a vehicle in the 800 block of 14th Street for expired plates. According to Police Chief Tim Sittig, the vehicle slowly began to pull away from the officer and then accelerated and led them on a chase with speeds hitting lower 40s and into the 50 mph range through city streets.

“They hit about 50 and were running stop signs through the area of the 800 block of 14th Street and 1100 block of Avenue H,” Sittig said. “We tried to get in front of them and stop it, but we were unsuccessful and then lost sight of the vehicle a short time after.”

He said officers then canvassed the area and discovered the vehicle abandoned in an alleyway and impounded the car.

When officers contacted the owner of the plates on the vehicle, they discovered that the plates belonged on a different car in Donnellson and the owners had not discovered until then, that their plates had been stolen.

“We’re continuing to follow up on the theft and we have some people of interest, but no suspects yet.” Sittig said.

The area has seen a rash of stolen vehicles in September, but Sittig said those vehicle have all been accounted for and we’re juveniles taking cars that had keys left in them. He said those cases have been wrapped up and those arrested are now in the juvenile court system.


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