Argyle residents wants county to clean up shed or sell it

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MONTROSE – Residents in Argyle are asking the county to clean up a storage shed that residents claim has cost them about $12,000 to maintain over the past decade.

Sheryl Pruin of Argyle spoke with supervisors at the board’s regular meeting Tuesday about a county storage shed in Argyle. Several residents have offered to purchase the building and land from the county to remove it and clean up the area.

Pruin said residents in the area have been mowing the property for more than a decade.

“I did a little rough estimate here. We’ll make the math easy – 10 years, 24 mows a year, $50 a mow to include the mowing time plus chemicals,” she said. “We’ve saved you $12,000 in the last 10 years. When you purchased the land next to that shed 11 years ago, the weeds were six feet tall, and nothing’s been done there.”

Pruin said she keeps it mowed because of snakes and because of the view from her home. She said the building isn’t secure and is falling into disrepair as well as being a place for bad things to happen.

“I guarantee you my property taxes have not gone down. My resale value on the property has because of what sits next to it,” Pruin said.

Supervisor chairman Don Hunold said he requested that the building be secured so no one could gain access, but he said the maintenance department said the building is still good for storage, but didn’t know why the county hasn’t been mowing it.

She said the wood and doors have been blown off the building in windstorms and residents had to pick it up.

“My question to you today is what is the plan for this shed?”

Hunold said he spoke with County Assistant Engineer Ben Hull to have the issues on the building taken care of and has also asked in the past for the county to think about selling it.

He said the maintenance department wants to keep the building for storage purposes.

Folluo, who is the street department liaison for the county, said he would have a meeting this week with Steffensmeier and Hunold and would come up with a plan for the structure.

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