Letter to the Editor- Kavanaugh appointment requires voter action


Dear Editor:

October 6, the day Kavanaugh won a seat on the Supreme Court is a day that will change America. It was a good day for corporation, and the super rich but for people who look to the government to protect their rights it means we are looking at a new kind of America. An America where workers rights will disappear, where Civil rights, women right, and gay rights will slowly fade into the past. An America with no middle class, with only the super rich and the masses of poor. An America where every generation did better than the one before is over.

In the past we could just vote them out of office and hope things will get better but there is one other major problem that’s about to make life in America even more difficult. As the the planet warms up there is a whole host of big problems that the next generations will have to face. The appointment of Kavanaugh means that by the time we have the will to change, it may be to(o) late because we may have already reached the tipping point.

Maybe it’s not too late, if a giant blue wave washes over the country on November 6, maybe we can send a message that people in government will have to listen to. At some time, in some places it may have be fine to vote Republican, but that time is not Nov. 6, and that place is not Iowa.

Tom Cale

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