Officers injured in incident at juvenile detention center


MONTROSE – Two corrections officers at the Southeast Iowa Juvenile detention center in Montrose were injured Thursday when an altercation broke out in the day room of the facility.

An argument between two correctional officers and a juvenile began before 9 a.m. and the inmates were ordered to their cells as part of lock-down procedures, but two other juveniles disobeyed the order and came back to the day room and a fight broke out between the two officers and the three juveniles.

According to South Iowa Area Crime Commission assistant director Shelly Tedrow, the Lee County Sheriff’s department was called to assist at the facility and the situation was brought under control within minutes. The two facilities are located next to each other just south of Fort Madison on Hwy. 61.

“They were in a day room and one of the juveniles was interacting with the C.Os. and was disobeying. At that time they called for a lock-down and he refused to go back to his cell,” Tedrow said. “The other juveniles went to their cells for the lock-down, but two other boys didn’t follow instructions and came back out. They went back to the day room and that’s when the altercation started.”

Tedrow said one of the officers was injured and taken to the hospital and she didn’t have information as to the extent of those injuries or whether the officer has returned to work. The other officer was taken with minor injuries and returned to work that day.

A 15-year old male juvenile was arrested as a result of the incident and charged with participating in a riot, 2nd-degree criminal mischief and assault on an officer with no injuries.

A second 16-year-old male juvenile was initially charged with participating in a riot, but additional charges were filed for assault on an officer with injuries.

A third 14-year-old male juvenile was also charged with participating in a riot.

Tedrow said two of the juveniles were being held out of Scott County and were sent back to that county’s facility after the incident.

She said after the juveniles face charges there, they will be sent back to Lee County to face charges associated with Thursday’s incident.

Officials at the detention center directed all comment to SIACC officials.



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