Spam email threat hits Fort Madison


FORT MADISON – A bogus scam email is making its way across the country and was found Thursday morning at locations in Fort Madison.

Fort Madison Police Chief Tim Sittig sent out a copy of the warning email from Cure Solutions that carries the subject lines, “You can avoid problems”, “do not waste your time”, and “you can avoid problems” and possibly others.

The email indicates a “mercenary” has carried a bomb into the building where the business is located, however it does’t specifically mention any buildings. The message also indicates a ransom of 20,000 bitcoin has to be paid for the writer to call off the man with the bomb.

Sittig said the email is a hoax and should be deleted immediately and anyone receiving a threat of violence they believe is credible should call 9-1-1.

The email from CURE Solutions Helpdesk said they have seen the email go through their systems to several customers and it is a nationwide scam to scare people into sending money.

“This is not a real email, please do not reply to the email and just delete it. There is no harm with the email by reading it. They are strictly trying to get you to wire them money,” the email indicated.

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