Kruse records four pins as Hounds go 3-2 at Lepic Duals

This article was updated at 7 p.m. Sunday to reflect Fort Madison’s dual win over Mediapolis. The results were inadvertantly omitted from the story and Pen City Current apologizes for the omission.


IOWA CITY – The Fort Madison Bloodhound wrestlers went 3-2 in dual meets on Saturday at Iowa City West in the Lepic Duals.

The Bloodhounds beat Pleasant Valley 40-33 and Quincy 64-10 and Mediapolis 48-33, but fell to host Iowa City West 46-27 and Lewis Central 40-30.

Senior Elton Kruse recorded four pins on the day wrestling at 113 pounds. He recorded pins over host Iowa City West’s Parker McBride at the 1:15 mark. He also scored pinfalls over Lewis Central’s Robbie O’Doniel in just :53, Pleasant Valley’s Sidi Sharma at 1:57 and Quincy High’s Dillon Barker in his quickest pin of the night at just :48. He suffered only one loss on the day to Mediapolis’s Quinten Aney by fall at the 1:33 mark.

Senior Dayne Cordray went 4-1 on the day recording two pins, but his best match of the day may have been in a loss where he battled Iowa City West’s Hunter Garvin, ranked 3rd in the state, to a 10-4 loss by decision.

Junior Danen Settles  finished the day going 3-2 with his losses coming to Pleasant Valley’s Evan Kilstrom by pin at the 3:45 mark and Mediapolis’s Brennan Breuer by pin at 1:05.

Junior Diego Lozano went 3-0 at 195 lbs on Saturday benefitting from a forfeit, but he also scored a 9-3 decision over JC Lackey of Quincy, and a pin over Lewis Central’s Hunter Waldstein in just 43 seconds.

Owen Kruse was one of six Bloodhound wrestlers with three wins on the day. Other Hound wrestlers with three wins on the day included Gavin Wiseman, Will Larson, Nathan Steffensmeier, and Chance Hocker.

Complete results from Saturday duals are below.

Iowa City, West (ICW) 46.0 Fort Madison (FOMA) 27.0 106: Grant O`Dell (ICW) over Owen Kruse (FOMA) (MD 10-0) 113: Elton Kruse (FOMA) over Parker McBride (ICW) (Fall 1:15) 120: Hunter Garvin (ICW) over Dayne Cordray (FOMA) (Dec 10-4) 126: Gavin Wiseman (FOMA) over Mark Mueller (ICW) (Fall 0:35) 132: Will Larson (FOMA) over Elijah Bruss (ICW) (Fall 0:50) 138: Graham Gambrall (ICW) over Quinton Ross (FOMA) (Fall 4:33) 145: Collin Leavy (ICW) over Dalton Woolever (FOMA) (Dec 6-5) 152: Jakob McGowan (FOMA) over Noah Terwilleger (ICW) (Dec 6-5) 160: Mason Applegate (ICW) over Chance Decker (FOMA) (Fall 0:26) 170: Joe Dixon (ICW) over Chance Hocker (FOMA) (Fall 2:57) 182: Will Hoeft (ICW) over Bryce Britton (FOMA) (Fall 0:34) 195: Brett Pelfrey (ICW) over Levi Lowney (FOMA) (Fall 1:54) 220: Landon Green (ICW) over (FOMA) (For.) 285: Danen Settles (FOMA) over Jerry Kelly (ICW) (Fall 2:34
Lewis Central (LECE) 40.0 Fort Madison (FOMA) 30.0 182: Ryan Higgins (LECE) over Bryce Britton (FOMA) (Fall 1:08) 195: Diego Lozano (FOMA) over Hunter Waldstein (LECE) (Fall 0:43) 220: Dylan Koch (LECE) over Levi Lowney (FOMA) (Fall 1:54) 285: Danen Settles (FOMA) over Zachary McColligan (LECE) (Fall 0:24) 106: Tanner Wink (LECE) over Owen Kruse (FOMA) (Fall 1:28) 113: Elton Kruse (FOMA) over Robbie O`Doniel (LECE) (Fall 0:53) 120: Dayne Cordray (FOMA) over Kolby Fry (LECE) (Fall 0:37) 126: Taber Dominguez (LECE) over Gavin Wiseman (FOMA) (Dec 6-2) 132: Brian Paul (LECE) over Will Larson (FOMA) (SV-1 12-5) 138: Tanner Higgins (LECE) over Nathan Steffensmeier (FOMA) (Dec 9-4) 145: Nick Wolf (LECE) over Dalton Woolever (FOMA) (Dec 4-0) 152: Jake Lear (LECE) over Jakob McGowan (FOMA) (MD 14-6) 160: Caleb Kingery (LECE) over Keaton Poe (FOMA) (Fall 4:13) 170: Chance Hocker (FOMA) over Mike Gittins (LECE) (Fall 0:51)
Fort Madison (FOMA) 40.0 Pleasant Valley (PLVA) 33.0 220: Levi Lowney (FOMA) over (PLVA) (For.) 285: Evan Kilstrom (PLVA) over Danen Settles (FOMA) (Fall 3:45) 106: Owen Kruse (FOMA) over (PLVA) (For.) 113: Elton Kruse (FOMA) over Sidi Sharma (PLVA) (Fall 1:57) 120: Dayne Cordray (FOMA) over (PLVA) (For.) 126: Hunter Meyrer (PLVA) over Gavin Wiseman (FOMA) (Fall 0:38) 132: Josh Pelzer (PLVA) over Will Larson (FOMA) (Dec 7-2) 138: Nathan Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Alex Clemons (PLVA) (Fall 2:24) 145: Eli Loyd (PLVA) over Dalton Woolever (FOMA) (TF 21-6 4:10) 152: Conner Miller (PLVA) over Jakob McGowan (FOMA) (Dec 7-6) 160: TJ Brown (PLVA) over Keaton Poe (FOMA) (MD 10-0) 170: Chance Hocker (FOMA) over Ryan Kammerer (PLVA) (MD 24-14) 182: Scott Wendel (PLVA) over Bryce Britton (FOMA) (Fall 1:54) 195: Diego Lozano (FOMA) over (PLVA) (For.)
Fort Madison (FOMA) 64.0 Quincy (Sr.) (QUINCY) 10.0 106: Owen Kruse (FOMA) over Dalton Vallee (QUINCY) (Fall 2:30) 113: Elton Kruse (FOMA) over Dillion Becker (QUINCY) (Fall 0:48) 120: Dayne Cordray (FOMA) over (QUINCY) (For.) 126: Gavin Wiseman (FOMA) over Brayden Oenning (QUINCY) (MD 16-3) 132: Will Larson (FOMA) over Carson Neally (QUINCY) (Fall 5:04) 138: Nathan Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Diego Roberts (QUINCY) (Fall 0:18) 145: Dalton Woolever (FOMA) over (QUINCY) (For.) 152: Jakob McGowan (FOMA) over (QUINCY) (For.) 160: Neil Kozlowski (QUINCY) over Keaton Poe (FOMA) (MD 14-2) 170: Bryce Britton (FOMA) over (QUINCY) (For.) 182: Chance Hocker (FOMA) over Gavin Wendling (QUINCY) (Dec 11-6) 195: Diego Lozano (FOMA) over JC Lackey (QUINCY) (Dec 9-3) 220: Lucas Bodi (QUINCY) over Levi Lowney (FOMA) (Fall 4:42) 285: Danen Settles (FOMA) over Trevon Iriarte (QUINCY) (Fall 2:16)
Fort Madison (FOMA) 48.0 Mediapolis (MEDI) 33.0 106: Owen Kruse (FOMA) over Owen Russell (MEDI) (Fall 1:53) 113: Quinten Aney (MEDI) over Elton Kruse (FOMA) (Fall 1:33) 120: Dayne Cordray (FOMA) over (MEDI) (For.) 126: Gavin Wiseman (FOMA) over (MEDI) (For.) 132: Will Larson (FOMA) over (MEDI) (For.) 138: Nathan Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Lucas Wagenbach (MEDI) (Fall 0:29) 145: Dalton Woolever (FOMA) over (MEDI) (For.) 152: Caden Benz (MEDI) over Jakob McGowan (FOMA) (Dec 11-7) 160: Caleb Lalonde (MEDI) over Chance Decker (FOMA) (Fall 2:33) 170: Chance Hocker (FOMA) over (MEDI) (For.) 182: Bryce Britton (FOMA) over (MEDI) (For.) 195: Hunter Aney (MEDI) over Levi Lowney (FOMA) (Fall 0:40) 220: Keegan Akers (MEDI) over (FOMA) (For.) 285: Brennan Breuer (MEDI) over Danen Settles (FOMA) (Fall 1:05)


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