IFC experiences Wednesday power outage

Iowa Fertilizer officials said the plant will come back online in the next few days after a planned turnaround that lasted about a month. PCC file photo


WEVER – Officials at the Iowa Fertilizer Company said a power outage on Wednesday will cause a restart and the plant will have high flaming and noise levels over the next few days as the facility restarts.

Company officials released a statement from Managing Director Darrell Allman outlining the situation and what can be expected at the facility as the restart occurs.

“Late morning yesterday, Iowa Fertilizer experienced an unplanned interruption due to a loss of electrical power to our production and the plant will begin the restart process immediately,” Allman said. “Over the next few days, members of the community will see higher than normal flaring, accompanied by higher than normal noise levels due to the flaring and other steam venting. Flaring is the flame that is occasionally visible above our facility. The flaring during startups is, by design, safe and is harmless to the environment and the surrounding community. The flaring will change in color and intensity as we advance through the different states of the startup process. Intensity at night could be amplified by the particular timing of a startup stage or due to low cloud cover. Iowa Fertilizer continues to meet and exceed all air quality permits and regulations regarding these flares.”

Allman said the plant start up will be completed as quickly as practical and they hope to be back into full production in the next few days.

“As always, Iowa Fertilizer Company will maintain our commitment and focus on safety, the environment, and the well being of our surrounding community during these startup activities,” the statement read. “At Iowa Fertilizer, we take safety very seriously and work diligently to always be a good neighbor. Those with questions or concerns can feel free to contact us at 515-422-9296.”

Iowa Fertilizer Company is a leader in the fertilizer industry. The plant in Wever, Iowa, is the first greenfield nitrogen fertilizer facility constructed in the United States in more than 25 years. Utilizing its state-of-the-art production, industry-leading technology, and environmentally sustainable processes, Iowa Fertilizer Company helps provide farmers in Iowa and around the country with a stable, domestic supply of fertilizer. For more information, visit Iowa Fertilizer Company at www.iowafertilizer.com.

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