PAW director looking for help finding German shepherd

Editor’s Note: The Shepherd was able to be confined and captured late Saturday evening.


FORT MADISON – Local animal officials and authorities are trying to catch a large German Shepherd that escaped from the PAW Animal Shelter this week, and are asking for residents help.

PAW Director Sandy Brown said the animal is from a puppy mill and has not had much interaction with people, so it is frightened.

“He’s harmless. He’s afraid of people and will run if you try to approach him. What were asking is that people continue to call the shelter or contact us through Facebook with his whereabouts.”

Reports of the animal have come in from the areas of Aztec Trailer Park, AutoZone and as far west as the bypass at Hwy. 2.

Brown said trying to catch the animal will cause him to run and that could expand the area of search, so she’s asking people to keep letting PAW know of any sightings.

“I’ve had people text me at 3 a.m. and that’s fine. Keeping contacting us,” she said.

Brown said if the dog did come up to someone and allow them to pet him, and they’re comfortable attempting to corral the animal, they should, but she asked that they not give chase as that can expand the area. She said he won’t attack pets or livestock, he’s just scared and lost.

“We had someone call and say they saw him out by Highway 2. That scares me because I’m afraid he’s going to get hit on the highway. He hasn’t been around traffic and won’t know how to behave,” she said.

The PAW Facebook page is The phone number for the shelter 372-2274. People can also report sightings to local authorities who have also been trying to find the animal.

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