Complete results from Saturday’s district wrestling

106: Owen Kruse (Fort Madison) – 4th
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Owen Kruse (Fort Madison) over Jayden Massey (Clear Creek-Amana) (Fall 0:30)
Varsity – Semifinals – Ethan Wood-Finley (Iowa City, City High) over Owen Kruse (Fort Madison) (Fall 0:48)
Varsity – 3rd Place Match – Hunter Kalous (Prairie, Cedar Rapids) over Owen Kruse (Fort Madison) (Dec 8-6)

113: Elton Kruse (Fort Madison) – 2nd
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Elton Kruse (Fort Madison) received a bye
Varsity – Semifinals – Elton Kruse (Fort Madison) over Parker McBride (Iowa City, West) (Dec 5-4)
Varsity – 1st Place Match – Austin Kegley (Prairie, Cedar Rapids) over Elton Kruse (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:09)
Varsity – 2nd Place Match – Elton Kruse (Fort Madison) over Parker McBride (Iowa City, West) (RULE)

120: Dayne Cordray (Fort Madison) – 3rd
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Dayne Cordray (Fort Madison) over Austin Steuhm (Prairie, Cedar Rapids) (Fall 1:06)
Varsity – Semifinals – Hunter Garvin (Iowa City, West) over Dayne Cordray (Fort Madison) (MD 14-6)
Varsity – 2nd Place Match – kael Scranton (Clear Creek-Amana) over Dayne Cordray (Fort Madison) (SV-1 11-9)
Varsity – 3rd Place Match – Dayne Cordray (Fort Madison) over Garrett Bormann (Iowa City, City High) (Dec 4-1)

152: Jakob McGowan (Fort Madison) – DNP
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Justis Kruse (Prairie, Cedar Rapids) over Jakob McGowan (Fort Madison) (Fall 2:13)
Varsity – Cons. Semis – Mason Applegate (Iowa City, West) over Jakob McGowan (Fort Madison) (MD 16-8)

160: Keaton Poe (Fort Madison) – DNP
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Colton LaGrange (Prairie, Cedar Rapids) over Keaton Poe (Fort Madison) (MD 16-4)
Varsity – Cons. Semis – Joe Dixon (Iowa City, West) over Keaton Poe (Fort Madison) (MD 17-5)

170: Chance Hocker (Fort Madison) – 6th
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Joe Ring (Iowa City, City High) over Chance Hocker (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:54)
Varsity – Cons. Semis – Chance Hocker (Fort Madison) over Mason Sorge (Iowa City, West) (Fall 0:37)
Varsity – 5th Place Match – Nick Pearson (Prairie, Cedar Rapids) over Chance Hocker (Fort Madison) (Fall 2:55)

182: Diego Lozano (Fort Madison) – 3rd
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Diego Lozano (Fort Madison) over Drake Bailey (Burlington) (Fall 0:48)
Varsity – Semifinals – Logan Andeway (Prairie, Cedar Rapids) over Diego Lozano (Fort Madison) (M. For.)
Varsity – 2nd Place Match – Logan Andeway (Prairie, Cedar Rapids) over Diego Lozano (Fort Madison) (RULE)
Varsity – 3rd Place Match – Diego Lozano (Fort Madison) over Gavin Luze (Iowa City, Liberty) (Fall 2:17)

195: Sam Hayes (Fort Madison) – 2nd
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Sam Hayes (Fort Madison) over Trevor Wellington (Mount Pleasant) (Fall 0:08)
Varsity – Semifinals – Sam Hayes (Fort Madison) over Jason Lemus (Iowa City, City High) (Fall 4:25)
Varsity – 1st Place Match – Ashton Stoner-DeGroot (Prairie, Cedar Rapids) over Sam Hayes (Fort Madison) (M. For.)
Varsity – 2nd Place Match – Sam Hayes (Fort Madison) over Elias Cordero (Burlington) (Fall 1:14)

220: Alex Lauber (Fort Madison) – 4th
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Alex Lauber (Fort Madison) over Jack Halvorson (Prairie, Cedar Rapids) (Fall 1:21)
Varsity – Semifinals – Zach Beason (Mount Pleasant) over Alex Lauber (Fort Madison) (Fall 3:44)
Varsity – 3rd Place Match – Davryn Stewart (Iowa City, City High) over Alex Lauber (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:49)

285: Danen Settles (Fort Madison) – 2nd
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Danen Settles (Fort Madison) over Damion Wilson (Iowa City, Liberty) (Fall 2:15)
Varsity – Semifinals – Danen Settles (Fort Madison) over Jordan Jacobus (Prairie, Cedar Rapids) (Fall 3:52)
Varsity – 1st Place Match – Jacob Murry (Iowa City, City High) over Danen Settles (Fort Madison) (TB-1 4-2)
Varsity – 2nd Place Match – Danen Settles (Fort Madison) over Julius Harris (Burlington) (Dec 3-0)

Will Larson (Fort Madison) – DNP
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Avante Henley (Mount Pleasant) over Will Larson (Fort Madison) (MD 13-5)
Varsity – Cons. Semis – Will Larson (Fort Madison) received a bye
Varsity – 5th Place Match – Will Larson (Fort Madison) over Mike Luyeye (Iowa City, Liberty) (Fall 3:42)

Mason Schau (Fort Madison) – DNP
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Collin Leavy (Iowa City, West) over Mason Schau (Fort Madison) (SV-1 6-4)
Varsity – Cons. Semis – Owen George (Burlington) over Mason Schau (Fort Madison) (Dec 4-0)

Nathan Steffensmeier (Fort Madison) – DNP
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Jarrod Alger (Iowa City, Liberty) over Nathan Steffensmeier (Fort Madison) (Dec 16-9)
Varsity – Cons. Semis – Nathan Steffensmeier (Fort Madison) received a bye
Varsity – 5th Place Match – Nathan Steffensmeier (Fort Madison) over Randal Mosier (Clear Creek-Amana) (Fall 1:09)

Gavin Wiseman (Fort Madison) – DNP
Varsity – Quarterfinals – Gavin Wiseman (Fort Madison) over River Belger (Burlington) (MD 10-2)
Varsity – Semifinals – Keaton Speicher (Iowa City, West) over Gavin Wiseman (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:36)
Varsity – 2nd Place Match – Samual Stevens (Clear Creek-Amana) over Gavin Wiseman (Fort Madison) (MD 18-5)
Varsity – 3rd Place Match – Gavin Wiseman (Fort Madison) over Michael Santoro (Iowa City, City High) (Fall 1:58)

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