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Two books, both on the New York Times Bestseller List, were given to me free: the first was “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren; and the second, “Radical Remission—Surviving Cancer Against All Odds,” by Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D. Eighty-nine year old Tommy Sinnott of Nauvoo, IL was my benefactor.
“Radical Remission” is teaching me how to live, even though, to my knowledge, I have no cancer; AND I DON’T WANT TO GET CANCER! Statistics tell me that being male, I have a fifty-fifty chance of contracting some form of cancer. If you’re female, it’s one-in-three. These aren’t particularly good odds.
It starts with diet. Sugar seems to be the main culprit. Sugar does not cause cancer cells to form, but cancer cells feed on sugar. Eliminate sugar, including white bread and potatoes, and you starve cancer cells.
Other dietary considerations include “eliminating meat, dairy and refined foods; greatly increasing vegetable and fruit intake; eating organic foods; and drinking filtered water.”
In a recent study finding that Millennials are becoming obese at younger ages, it stated that, “Excess body weight is a known carcinogen because of hormones produced by fat cells.”
Take control of your health, “become the lead decision maker, whether you are trying to prevent cancer or heal from it.” Daily exercise, laughter, and a strong support system are all key ingredients to recovery and prevention. “The body knows what it needs to heal.”
“An alkalizing diet focuses on eating alkalizing (as opposed to acidic) meals in order to reduce overall inflammation in the body. In general, all fruits and vegetables eaten either raw or lightly steamed will have an alkalizing effect..while meats, proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, dairy foods, and anything fried will have an acidic effect…”–Not a happy thought for our Midwestern, breadbasket economy driven by corn, soybeans, beef and pork. (And here Ginnie and I are raising an Angus heifer for beef.)
The refreshing aspect of “Radical Remission” (I call it R&R for short, like Rest & Relaxation) is that it is not preaching against Western Medical Treatment. You can practice R&R with or without the standard radiation/chemo one-two punch. “The main difference between chemotherapy and vitamin or herbal supplements is that most chemotherapy is designed to kill cancer cells, while most supplements are designed to strengthen the immune system so that it can then remove cancer cells.” There are just too many examples of people with Stage IV cancer who have been sent home to die, and then cured themselves through diet. Was this an “anomaly,” “spontaneous remission” or a carefully planned treatment program?
Dr. Turner’s exhaustive research of cancer survivors around the world—people who have cured themselves of cancer through non-traditional methods, found that they are using some or all of nine certain techniques: “Radically Changing Your Diet,” “Taking Control of Your Health,” “Following Your Intuition,” “Using Herbs and Supplements,” “Releasing Suppressed Emotions,” “Increasing Positive Emotions,” “Embracing Social Support,” “Deepening Your Spiritual Connection,” and “Having Strong Reasons for Living.”
As a result of reading this book, Ginnie and I may go sugar free. (We’ve done it before, we can do it again.) I’m also considering filtering our water, and replacing coffee with green tea. We already exercise daily, and raise aronia berries in the summer. Aronia berries contain the highest amount of antioxidants of any berry in the world.
“Radical Remission” was given to me free. I will do the same for you. My contact information is below. I will send it to you, free, no strings attached. “Radical Remission” may save your life.
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