Education Association gets behind bond referendum- Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor

On behalf of the Fort Madison Education Association I would like to encourage you to vote YES for a unified elementary school.  There are many factors to take into consideration when voting. I would like to encourage you to educate yourself on the facts surrounding this issue.  You can find updated, factual information on the FMCSD website (

Education is the most important gift  that you can give to your child as it can help in developing character and enhance his or her academic abilities.   By having the right kind of education, a child of today can achieve great mastery over a variety of areas in life that in turn can work towards personal and career success in the years to come. Quality education can impact the way your child works on his or her personal development while at the same time enhance mental and emotional skills.

The learning environment can impact students in either a positive or negative way. A positive learning environment encourages: student confidence. high academic achievement. good social skills. positive relationships. ability to solve problems. willingness for trial and error and risk taking.

Student success is at the forefront of who our organization is and what our organization does.  Obtaining a unified elementary will help meet the diverse needs of all of our learners. Students will gain instruction to help ensure success in the 21st century and help make the goals of college and career readiness a reality through their public education.

The Fort Madison Education Association – FMEA works to ensure our schools provide students with ample opportunities to succeed.  Gaining a unified elementary school will ensure that the conditions in which students are learning is positive and leads to successes beyond the classroom. The learning environment would be designed to build opportunities for cooperative learning, group learning, and better meet the needs of every learner.  Please watch a short video that highlights the direction of how learning will take place.

As you can see from the video, learning is no longer sitting in desks in rows with one teacher in the front of the classroom. Students travel between teachers with other students who are working on similar skills.  Some students direct their own learning, while others receive intensive support. The future of learning is not conducive to 100 year old buildings, students are limited by the facilities. As community members it is our job to provide the best education possible for the students of our community no matter if they are a son/daughter, grandchild, relative or neighbor.

A unified elementary school will help attract and retain high quality teachers. Quality teachers, beginning in preschool,  can help to develop intellectual strength while at the same time work on emotional intelligence. This in turn can create a confident child who is capable of attaining success in anything that he or she does.

Please consider saying YES for our students.  They deserve nothing less!

Please review the 5 ways you can vote and find the best time for you to exercise your right!

  1. Go to the Auditor’s office prior to April 2nd.  You must request an absentee ballot form when you go.
  2. Request an absentee ballot form and mail it to the Auditor’s office.  It must be postmarked by March 22nd.
  3. March 22nd you may vote at the Fort Madison High School Media Center from 12:30 PM- 6:30 PM.  You must request an absentee ballot form when you go.
  4. March 29th you may vote at the Fort Madison Community Hospital Foggy Room from 7:00 AM – 2:30 PM.  You must request an absentee ballot form when you go.
  5. April 2nd – go to your voting site:  Grace Bible Church in Wever, West Point Public Library or Fort Madison Public Library.


Dawn Johnson,

FMEA President

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