Gibb moves 6-ton oven into future Coal Haus 337

Coal Haus 337 is Chase Gibb's new endeavor set to open in April. The restaurant will have a rustic, yet modern them and will feature an 11,000 pound coal fire oven. Courtesy image.


BURLINGTON – Chase Gibb, the owner of Fort Madison’s Buffalo61 Bar and Grille, spent a cold Friday morning overseeing the installation of a pizza oven.

But it wasn’t just any pizza over. Gibb had the help of Frank Millard & Co. Inc. lift a 11,500 lb anthracite coal oven from a flat bed truck with a crane and slide it into a hole cut in the south wall of the former Sarducci’s and “The Italian” building in the 300 block of Roosevelt in Burlington.

The oven was lifted by crane and slowly maneuvered into place to set it down and then was rolled through about a 12′ by 12′ hole that was cut out of the wall. Casters on the oven allowed the monstrosity to be rolled into place.

Coal Haus 337 owner Chase Gibb, who also owns Fort Madison’s Buffalo61 and Burlington’s The Buffalo Tavern, video’s workers bringing in an 6-ton anthracite-burning oven at his soon-to be Coal Haus 337 in Burlington. Photo by Chuck Vandenberg/PCC

Gibb said the casters would have to be removed before firing up the oven.

“I hope to have it heating up on Thursday,” Gibb said. “We have to get it in and connected and then get the hood built over it and the Ansul system in place.”

Gibb has had contractors gut the building and completely redo the interior and exterior and had granite delivered for the bar counter top on Friday afternoon. Work has been done to revamp coolers and putting in new flooring in the kitchen and seating areas as well as a new brick facade on the building’s east side.

Gibb said he hopes to have the restaurant up and running within the next three to four weeks.

The new restaurant will feature coal-fired appetizers, pizzas, steaks and other dishes featuring the coal-fired oven. Gibb is bringing in top shelf ingredients from around the world and will have a full selection of wines from European countries like France, Italy and Portugal.

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