Keokuk looking for vendors, hosts for RAGBRAI visits


KEOKUK – The Keokuk RAGBRAI organizing committees are busy preparing to welcome as many as 20,000 people to the community on Saturday, July 27th. The committees are currently seeking residents, churches, or other community groups who are interested in hosting riders overnight and for vendors interested in selling food, wares, or services at the dip site. Detailed information for both hosts and vendors is available on the website,

Residents, churches, or community groups interested in hosting riders are asked to provide floor space, space for tents, beds, and/or bathroom facilities. Because riders are expected in town on both Friday, July 19 and Saturday, July 27 there is a need for hosts for both dates and hosts may select either or both evenings.

Lots of teams and riders would rather have the convenience of hot showers, privacy, and the personal hospitality of Keokuk area residents.  The riders should arrive mid to early afternoon and be gone usually by 9 a.m. the next day.  Hosts are only expected to provide a place for riders to rest their heads for the night.  Local volunteers are not required to entertain guests, provide them with amenities, feed or transport riders. 

The Housing Committee will be matching community members only with registered RAGBRAI riders.  All riders will need to provide a wristband number as proof of their registration.  If a rider is unregistered that means they have not signed the RAGBRAI Waiver and Release Liability.  Anyone in the community who houses unregistered riders opens themselves to full liability for whatever may happen at their home.  To avoid this, please go through the Housing Committee to be assured you are housing registered riders and that the riders have signed the RAGBRAI Waiver and Release Liability form. 

The Food & Vendor Committee is seeking individuals, businesses, churches, and community groups who are interested in selling food, wares, or services on the day RAGBRAI riders finish their ride, Saturday July 27th. Only vendors based within a 45 mile radius of Keokuk will be considered. 

Food safety is vitally important. Those interested in food vending must have or obtain proper licensure from the Lee County Health Department. Specific instructions for obtaining the Temporary Food Service Establishment License are available at and The application and required fee should be returned to the health department no later than May 24. The application and all requirements must be met before Lee County Health Department approves your food service. 

Vendors interested in selling merchandise or providing services or information may complete the same vendor application as food vendors. Fees for all vendors at the dip site are $100 for non-profit organizations and $250 for for-profit entities. This fee must be paid before any organization is permitted to be a Keokuk RAGBRAI vendor.

Detailed information about becoming a housing host or a dip site vendor can be found at

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