Price named FMCH’s Employee of the Year

Fort Madison Community Hospital celebrated National Hospital Week by honoring employees for service. Pictured left to right are Shelby Burchett, COO; Ann Torgler; Teri Welborn; and Mary Overton, all employees with more than 25 years of service at FMCH, along with Jeremy Alexander, CEO. Courtesy photo

The American Hospital Association describes National Hospital Week as a week that “celebrates hope and healing, and the hospitals, health systems, and the women and men who support the health and well-being of their communities through dedication and care from the heart.” The 2019 National Hospital Week ran from May 12 to May 18.

Fort Madison Community Hospital celebrates their employees with a series of events throughout the week. The Employee Recognition Banquet held Tuesday, May 15 was one such event. The Employee Recognition Banquet honored employees who had provided five to thirty-five years of service to FMCH. They are as follows:

5-Year Recipients: Cheyenne Arnold, Anna Batley, Denise Bryant, Shelby Burchett, Heather Helmick, Ashlea Horstman, Emily Lindner, Leslie Lyon, Michelle McGhghy, Amanda O’Tool, Ashley Plenge, Tom Stanford, Ashley Shatley, Jenna Sturms, and Danica Weisinger

10-Year Recipients: Jeremy Alexander, Kelly Bergman, Amanda Burgus Kayla Clark, Kathy Davidson, Hallie Eisnnicher, Carrie Green, Jessica Johnson, Penny Johnson, Lynn Jones, Tracy Jordan, Beth McBurney-Daly, Gwen Moss, Maria Muegge, Cathy Ough, Katelyn Pezley, and Tiffany Rhodes

15-Year Recipients: Debbie Green, Jenica Hampton, Michelle Hornung Roseller Libarnes, Stan Seager, Julie Setterberg, Wendy Simpson, Kristin Smith, Megan Stull, Kim Tackett, and Lindsay Walker

20-Year Recipients: Dr. Kathy Anderson, Kim Fraise, Patty Harvey, Deann Huffman, Carrie Kruse, Becky Orr, and Tracy St. Clair

25-Year Recipients: Lisa Lozano and Mary Overton

30-Year Recipient: Tricia Weirather and Teri Welborn

35-Year Recipients: Ann Torgler

Once all of the service awards were presented, the Employee of the Year was announced. Luna Price, RN, Emergency Department was recognized as the 2019 Employee of the Year.

Pictured from left to right Jeremy Alexander, CEO, stands with 2019 FMCH Employee of the Year Luna Price, and Amanda Burgus, Director of Emergency Department. Courtesy photo

Other Employees of the Month in the running for this honor included: Mary Jo Koller, Teri Welborn, Ashley Hasek, Hallie Eisnnicher, Mary Overton, Darrell Featheringill, Pat Stecker, Heather Sniegowski, Julie Cartwright, Anji Dustin, and Mel Holtkamp.

“Hospital week is a time for us to come together as a health care organization to recognize all of the great things happening at FMCH. We make it a fun week, focusing on all of our employees,” expressed Angie Budnik, Community Relations Director.

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