DuPont freshens brand with new FM sign

On June 1, 2019, DuPont will rebrand and launch a new DuPont company after several years of business transitions. Photo by Chuck Vandenberg/PCC


FORT MADISON – Effective June 1st, an history rich corporation in Fort Madison will take on a new look and new branding.

DuPont will officialy become the new DuPont at the beginning of next month and event has been marked by a brand new sign that was installed at the front end of the property this week.

Plant manager John Hellige said the transition is actually to a brand new company.

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“Our new branding is one of many steps we are taking in DuPont’s transformation and amplifies what we do – help our customers solve complex problems, and turn their best ideas into real-world products and solutions,” Hellige said.

The new sign was about a month in the making with the disassembling of the previous sign and then putting in a stronger foundation. After curing, the new sign was brought in this week and set on the brick pedestal.

All the work was done locally by Sherwood Company, Seither and Cherry, Young Masonry and Hoenig Lawn Service.

Hellige said the Fort Madison facility is operating normally and couldn’t comment on any future plans for the facilities or it’s employee base, but said those issues are constantly evaluated.

“At this time, the Fort Madison site is operating under business as usual conditions. We are committed to the highest standard of safety and health at our site, and for our employees, contractors, and our community,” he said.

“We will evaluate new investments and expansions as they make sense. We are committed to an innovation-driven business model and customer-oriented approach, strengthened by a rich heritage of bringing transformational new products and insights to market.”

He said the the transition is a world-wide change and the company is again strategically positioning itself as a world leader in products that shape the world.

“On June 1, we officially become the new DuPont. We’re not simply declaring ourselves a new DuPont. In every dimension of our business, we are elevating our commitments and reinventing the ways in which we shape the world,” Hellige said.

“This included the update to the DuPont oval. The new sign reflects our new logo design. The new DuPont mark features a simplified name that unites the two-word Du Pont. The type design expresses a bold, modern posture and perhaps most significantly, replacing the outline with a suggestion of an oval signals a collaborative and open flow of ideas and innovation.”

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