IFC to shutdown for four-week turnaround

Iowa Fertilizer officials said the plant will come back online in the next few days after a planned turnaround that lasted about a month. PCC file photo

Fertilizer Co. to bring in 600 workers and invest $50 million in plant cleaning, maintenance


WEVER – Nearly two years ago, Iowa Fertilizer Company (IFCo) officially began production at its manufacturing facility in southeast Iowa. In that time, the company has met and in many cases exceeded production expectations to provide U.S. farmers with a domestic and stable source of nitrogen fertilizer products. As part of IFCo’s normal business practices, the plant will undergo a planned shut down in order to complete routine cleaning and maintenance. This shut down period will run from July 6, 2019 until early August.

This routine maintenance period, which is called a “Turnaround,” allows for the inspection of the plant’s equipment and necessary repairs as part of the company’s longstanding commitment to the safety of the facility,  employees, and the community at large, including the protection of the surrounding environment. Turnarounds also ensure reliable and efficient production at or above required capacities through the next several years of continuous operation.

“At Iowa Fertilizer Company, safety is the foundation of our business,” said IFCO’s Managing Director Darrell Allman. “As part IFCo’s normal business operations, our planned shutdown in July through early August will allow us to continue meeting production goals and to do so safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. During this timeframe, the company will invest tens of millions of dollars locally that will continue to drive economic growth throughout our community.”

The planned shutdown at IFCo will include up to 600 new temporary workers onsite and a total investment of approximately $30 million, which will help support a wide range of local businesses throughout Lee and Des Moines counties. During the Turnaround, the community will likely see increased activity at the plant and additional traffic in the area.

“We continue to thank the surrounding community for their understanding and support through this planned outage and look forward to our continued partnership with Wever and the surrounding communities,” said Robb Aultman, Plant Manager. “Iowa Fertilizer is deeply committed to communicating with all stakeholders and residents throughout the community to ensure everyone is aware of activities that may impact or be noticed in the area.”

Planned outages will take place at Iowa Fertilizer Company every two to four years.

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