City reminds mowers clippings in roadway is illegal

From City of Fort Madison

FORT MADISON – While it may seem a great solution to simply blow grass clippings into the street, remember it is illegal to leave grass clippings on the roadway because it is dangerous and can cause drainage/sewage problems. 

Consider either composting or leaving the clippings to naturally break down in your yard (this is like free fertilizer!). In fact, the best way to dispose of the clippings is to use mulching blades on the mower. They have a special shape that shreds the grass after cutting and deposits it on the lawn.

Grass clippings, leaves, and other debris have a tendency to “clump” in storm drains and in the sewers. As it builds up, this can cause the drains to back up since they’re not performing at their peak. This, in turn, can cause flooding or drainage issues in the street and our neighborhoods, and that’s something we all want to avoid!

Freshly cut grass is slippery and can cause a motorcyclist or bicyclist to lose traction and crash. Engineers have calculated that the coefficient of friction of fresh grass clippings is almost as slick as grease.

Please help your neighbors and the whole city by not blowing grass or debris into the street.

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