IFC to go back online in coming days

Iowa Fertilizer officials said the plant will come back online in the next few days after a planned turnaround that lasted about a month. PCC file photo


WEVER – Iowa Fertilizer Company (IFCo) recently completed its scheduled and routine maintenance period and plans to restart production in the coming days.

The “turnaround” allowed for the successful cleaning and inspection of the plant’s equipment and necessary repairs to ensure the facility continues to operate safely, environmentally sound, and efficiently. This year’s planned shutdown at IFCo included more than 600 temporary workers onsite.

As the plant resumes production, residents in the community can expect to see increased flaring along with elevated noise levels, both of which are normal parts of the manufacturing process. 

“At Iowa Fertilizer, the safety of the community and our employees is our number one commitment,” said IFCO’s Managing Director Darrell Allman.

“We are pleased that we successfully concluded our recent turnaround, which will help ensure the safe, reliable, and efficient production at our plant over the next several years. With the increased activity at the plant, and additional contractor, supplier and delivery traffic in the area, we wish to thank the community for their understanding and support.”

“We have made many improvements to our facility during this outage, which will improve our energy efficiency as well as our production capacity,” Allman added. “We look forward to our continued partnership with Wever and the surrounding areas.”

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