Farmington artist takes over FMAAA September exhibit

Anita Lee, of Farmington, is the featured artist for September at the Fort Madison Area Arts Association. Courtesy photo

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Fort Madison Area Arts Association Director

FORT MADISON – Anita Lee of Farmington has the feature stage at 825 Avenue G for her exhibition “Faces and Places”.  A reception for the artist occurs September 13th from 5-7pm.  The Kingsley Inn is the sponsor for the show.  Anita will speak at Lunch-ala-Art at the end of the month on September 27th at noon with Twisted River 61 as food vendor.

Anita sums up her take on her artistic explorations.  

“I have searched and re-searched my life … the consistent things have not.  I am an artist … it’s a condition of the heart, a determination of the mind, embodied in my spirit.  Art nor I exist on the opinion of others … and always … the best is yet to come.  I am created this way.  I finally listened.

When all this becomes clear… well Bob Dylan put said something like this … I was born very far from where I am supposed to be, I am just on my way home.    

It has not been a journey of whimsical words and thoughts, tho I love them. From birth there are tears and thorns, despair and poverties of life.  Giving up, giving in, poor choices and people hurt, still … Destiny is relentless.  She is calling and does not let go, and all the rabbit trails we choose to go down or those chosen for us does not deter her.  She is persistent and insistent and will not be ignored.  

Finally, I choose not to ignore her and am very sorry for those who have and do.  I am truly heartbroken for the losses suffered when the truth of each destiny is denied and lost.  Destiny is not just the end of the journey but was there from the beginning and she weeps when in deed and indeed she has been trampled and not become also, Journey, they are intertwined.  When we have a desire that is intended to lift us and others to fulfilling places that are not anchored in selfishness … listen, Wisdom is speaking.

When I listened and yielded to my truth, opportunities for work spaces opened.  I have learned my creativity flows best when my work space is 2nd or 3rd floor.  In Bonaparte, Iowa a group of brave women decided not to allow an unused aging school building be wasted, they bought it and made it work.  The former art room has become my creativity sanctuary.  Little did I know when I came to the Van Buren County area what awaited.  I am humbled and grateful.  

This art show is Faces and Places that are shared through me.  

They come to mind, I try to give them space and story.  Few are inspired by visuals but most seem to come … I put them on canvas or paper.  Currently, I am doing this same thing with clay work.  In a later show I hope to share the clay medium.  I hope you enjoy the Art.” 

FMAAA hours of operation Tuesday&Thursday 12pm-7pm. Wedneday, Friday, Saturday 10am-5pm. Also in month of September “Working Artist Wednesday” artist Lori Illner Greene will have the studio open until 7pm.

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