City barricades part of downtown building

The building at the southeast corner of 8th and G, has been barricaded by city personnel after additional damage was observed by city officials. Photo by Chuck Vandenberg/PCC


FORT MADISON – A portion of a building in downtown Fort Madison has been barricaded on the southwest corner for fear of falling debris.

City Building Director Doug Krogmeier said he asked crews to put out the barricades yesterday after observing some additional settling of the building on the southwest corner of 8th Street and Avenue G.

“This is has been going on for years with this building,” Krogmeier said Thursday.

“It’s more of precaution, but you also never know. Parts of that building are moving and we just didn’t want anyone below if more pieces fall off or worse.”

The building is owned by Brian Humphrey and Krogmeier said the city has attorney’s out of Cedar Rapids working on getting Humphrey to deal with the building.

“We just recently did that and I’m not sure where the attorneys are with it,” Krogmeier said.

“I haven’t seen the documents yet, but I think he has until the end of October to get with us and tell us what his plans are with the building. If he contracts with a structural engineer then I believe he’ll get another 30 days to determine what is going to be done.”

Krogmeier said the city has been dealing with damage from the building for sometime, but he said it’s very clear from his observations, things are getting worse.

“I’m not a structural engineer, but clearly something else is beginning to shift there.”

Humphrey also has property next north of the alley between Avenues G and F, and 9th and 10th streets that partially collapsed earlier this year that has been retained and covered with a blue tarp.

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