Letter to the Editor – Make your voice heard on ATV, golf cart vote


Dear Editor;

The golf cart controversy has been in the headlines several times over the years and this time it seems a bit more heated. What are the arguments on both sides of the issue?

On the NO side of the camp I have seen several arguments: Safety of these vehicles on city streets, lack of parking intensified with carts in vehicle spots, as well as the potential back-up of traffic with carts going slower than normal traffic patterns.

On the YES side of the camp, the arguments point to mopeds and bicycles as being already allowed and parking is a global issue that the City needs to address. Finally, other cities allow golf carts successfully in Iowa. 

So, where does that leave the voters?  Voters needs to reach out before Tuesday and make their wishes known to their respective City Council person. The Council should be obligated to vote as their constituents wish. Make your voices heard!

First Ward (Greenwald) = 372-7700 extension 501#
Second Ward (Morawitz) = 372-7700 extension 502#
Third Ward (Mohrfeld) = 372-7700 extension 503#
Fourth Ward (Lair) = 372-7700 extension 504#
Fifth Ward (Cangas) = 372-7700 extension 505#
At Large (Andrews) =372-7700 extension 506#
At Large (Rink) =372-7700 extension 507#

Unfortunately I will be unable to attend Tuesday’s meeting due to a work conflict, however I encourage you to attend, if you can, to demonstrate your support for either side of the issue.


Rebecca Bowker
Fort Madison

8 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor – Make your voice heard on ATV, golf cart vote

  1. Spoiled rich people can just drive their cars like normal everyday people do.its way to big of a town to be allowing motorised toys to be in the way.its already tough enough dodging the bicycles and mopeds that ate practicle means of transportation compared to golfcarts that are impracticle means of transportation.go show of your golf carts somewhere else.this is a very dangerous idea.the towns its allowed in only have a handful of streets we have over 60 miles of roads in our town.
    This needs put to vote by the people of this town.it shouldnt be decided by 4 or 5 people.

    1. “Spoiled rich people can just drive their cars like normal everyday people do.”
      We’re getting to the heart of the issue for you now aren’t we Tommy. Envy. Tommy doesn’t have one therefore nobody else can have one either. I bet some people have better cars than you too. Should we only let people drive cars older and cheaper than Tommy’s car? No more cylinders than Tommy’s either. Or nicer paint.
      Envy and jealousy are ugly things, Using the power of government, which remember in the end is men with rifles, to enforce your petty envy is pathetic. It makes no difference to you whatsoever if people drive golf carts, side-by-sides or ATVs in town on city streets. They’re a vehicle like any other. The fact that this minor non-issue gets blown up into this ridiculous debate by safety nannies and envious busybodies says much about Ft. Madison and why it’s in the shape it’s in.

      1. No one has a nicer car than me.if you knew me youd know that…..
        so its not an envy thing.its a saftey and and extra cost issue.

    1. Other towns in Iowa and surrounding states have this with no issues at all, why does it come down to FM or Lee co.that it’s always not going to work? Pass it and move on !!!

    1. Fort madison is bigger and more congested than other towns that allow these.wake up people this is just common sense not allowing these toys on the streets.it will be a problem.we have more wrecks with cars and trucks in our town than the other towns that allow this do.
      Why do they need to drive these in town for anyway?

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