Absentee voting for fall election now open


LEE COUNTY – Denise Fraise, Lee County Auditor, announces that absentee ballots for the City/School Election to be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 are now available in the Auditor’s Office.

You may vote in person at the Auditor’s Office, 933 Avenue H, Ft Madison from 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday or at the South Lee County Courthouse, 25 North 7th Street, Keokuk, located in the west hall near the handicap entrance from 8:30 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. and 1:00 P.M. to 4:30 P.M through Monday, November 4th, when both offices will remain open until 5:00 PM.

Eligible voters wishing to vote early may complete THE IOWA OFFICIAL ABSENTEE BALLOT REQUEST FORM available from the Lee County Auditor or by downloading the form at http://sos.iowa.gov. The request for an absentee ballot may be hand delivered to the Auditor’s office in Fort Madison, dropped off at the South Lee County Courthouse in Keokuk or mailed to the Lee County Auditor, P.O Box 190, Fort Madison, IA 52627. Requests must be received by 5:00 P.M., Friday, October 25th.
All polls will open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

Election Day Polling Locations are as follows:
Fort Madison
Ward 1- Ft Madison City Hall- 811 Ave E
Ward 2- McAleer Hall- 415 11th St
Ward 3- Ft Madison Library- 1920 Ave E
Wards 4A&B- Roling Hall- 2210 Ave I
Ward 5/Madison Twp – Hillview Village – 1102 48th Street.

Ward 1- South Lee County Courthouse- 25 N 7th St
Ward 2A&B- Heritage Center- 508 Main St
Ward 3- Keokuk Art Center, Lower level of Public Library- 210 N 5th St
Ward 4- Evangelical Free Church- 2315 S 7th St
Ward 5- Learning Center- 500 N. 20th St
Ward 6- First Christian Church- 3476 Main St
Ward 7- Keokuk Nazarene Church- 3116 Plank Rd

Charleston/Des Moines & Van Buren Twps- Central Lee High School- 2642 Hwy 218 Donnellson

Franklin/Cedar/Marion/Harrison Twps. & Donnellson/Franklin City/Houghton/St.Paul- Pilot Grove Savings Bank Community Room- 506 N Main St Donnellson

Jackson Twp- Jackson Twp Fire Station- 3640 Argyle Road

Jefferson Twp.- Lee County Conservation Center- 2652 HWY 61 Montrose

Montrose Twp & Montrose City- Ivor Fowler Community Center- 710 Main St Montrose

Denmark/Pleasant Ridge/West Point Twps/West Point City- West Point Library- 317 5th St West Point

Washington/Green Bay Twps.- Grace Bible Church- 3526 175th St., Wever

You may locate your correct polling place by going on-line to http://sos.iowa.gov . Click on “Find your Precinct/ Polling Place.” Follow directions to find the correct precinct for the SCHOOL ELECTION.

All the candidates for the county’s city and school elections are listed below with contact numbers.

Council Member at Large (Vote for 2)
Jennifer Estrada (I) 210 Lynn St DO 319-470-3095
Jan Fraise (I) 602 Pershing Ave DO 319-835-3021

Council Member at Large- To Fill a Vacancy (Vote for 2)
Brian Moeller (I) 8 Fairway Ct DO 319-835-3311
Selissa Weber (I) 21 Greenview Terrace DO 217-617-6858

Fort Madison
Mayor (Vote for 1)
Jason Eaves 1724 Ave I FM 319-371-0370
Joseph Helmick 2515 Ave I FM 319-371-8837
Rodney Hoskins II 2803 Ave A Apt 39 FM 319-316-9364
Matt Mohrfeld 2127 Ave H FM 319-470-0937

Council Member-Ward 1(Vote for 1)
Rebecca Bowker 827 Ave H Apt 3 FM 319-371-7753
Christopher Sorrentino 412 Ave D FM 319-470-7916

Council Member-Ward 3 (Vote for 1)
Tyler Miller 511 21st St FM 319-670-9011

Council Member-Ward 5 (Vote for 1)
Chad Cangas (I) 307 34th St FM 319-470-0641

Council Member at-Large (Vote for 1)
Jerry Hamelton 1714 Ave I FM 319-520-8967
Kevin Rink (I) 34 Alta Dr FM 319-372-2651

Franklin (Vote for 1) Mayor
No Declared Candidate

Council Member at Large-(Vote for 5)
Jerry Sanders (I) 506 Franklin Broadway DO 319-470-6696

Mayor (Vote for 1)
Gale Thompson 309 2nd St HO 319-470-5288

Council Member at Large (Vote for 5)
Marty Bentler 404 Houghton 3rd St HO 319-931-2076
Cheryl Brock 205 Main St HO 319-931-4279
Jay Henrich 403 4th St HO 319-321-7057
Kurt Lowenberg 507 Houghton 3rd St HO 319-931-3969
Russell Schwartz 509 Houghton 3rd St HO 319-850-0536
Andy Wilson (I) 404 Denning St HO 319-931-2998

Mayor (Vote for 1)
Tom Richardson 10 Greenbrier Ct KE 319-520-5848
Council Member-2nd Ward (Vote for 1)
Linda Altheide 508 S 1st St KE 319-795-7319
Council Member-4th Ward (Vote for 1)
Steve Andrews 1710 Park St KE 319-670-6024
Larry Mortimer 2006 S 7th St KE 319-795-6298
Council Member-6th Ward (Vote for 1)
Roger Bryant 810 Johnson St Rd KE 319-524-2647
Council Member at Large (Vote for 1)
Mike Greenslaugh 716 Washington St KE 319-795-2349
John Helenthal (I) 116 Concert St KE 319-524-6902
Kathie Mahoney 206 N 16th St KE 319-795-8709

Mayor (Vote for 1)
Ron Dinwiddie (I) 1 Great River Road 319-463-7228
Council Member at Large (Vote for 2)
Jeff Junkins (I) 211 N 6th St MO 319-316-2499
Darcie Uhlmeyer (I) 34 Grand Ave MO 319-470-4684

St Paul
Mayor (Vote for 1)
Janice Neuweg (I) 1264 Main St SP 319-469-2019
Council Member at Large (Vote for 5)
Rod Cox (I) 1290 Main St SP 319-316-2556
John Dingman 2039 Locust St SP 319-931-2899
Mark Hymes (I) 1269 Main St SP 319-470-3021
Randy Neuweg (I) 1264 Main St SP 319-469-2019
Stephanie Schinstock (I) 1294 Main St SP 319-931-4471

West Point
Mayor (Vote for 1)
Paul Walker (I) 604 5th St WP 319-837-6363
Council Member at Large-(Vote for 5)
Joseph Loving (I) 302 Ave F WP
Brian Meierotto (I) 201 5th St WP 319-470-0022
William Stuekerjuergen (I) 309 2nd St WP 319-850-1202
Dan Waters 712 Ave G WP 319-470-5514
Bruce Wellman 603 Starlite Dr WP 319-470-6832

Central Lee School District (Vote for 1)
District 1
Kimberlee Hasek 1434 160th St DO 217-440-4822
District 2
Bill Young (I) 621 Orchard St DO 319-835-9482
District 3
Mark Hulsebus (I) PO Box 188 DO 319-470-8244

Fort Madison School District (Vote for 4)
Lois DiPrima (I) 2320 Ave A FM 319-316-2159
Dianne Hope (I) 3433 Woodland Heights FM 319-372-3487
Jared Hotop (I) 2935 170th St FM 319-470-3347
Carol Ross (I) 209 6th St FM 319-371-6965
Candice Smrt 2629 Ave J FM 630-607-4089
Joshua Wykert 3355 Country Club Lane FM 319-371-1102

Keokuk School District (Vote for 4)
Gary DeGala (I) 2727 355th St KE 319-795-7584
Russ Derr (I) 121 Washington St KE 319-524-4257
Laurie Mendenhall 2757 340th St KE 319-524-6234
Angela Profeta 1812 Orleans KE 319-795-5800
Michelle Sage 1704 Hilton Rd KE 319-670-9912

Southeastern Community College
District #1            Joseph Johnson
District #2            Moudy Nabulsi
District #3            Janet Fife-Lafrenz

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