Keokuk teacher, coach arrested for Oct. 8 assault

A Keokuk assistant football coach and teacher associate has been arrested on first degree assault charges stemming from an incident in Missouri on Oct. 8. Photo courtesy of KTVO in Kirksville.

LANCASTER, Mo — A football coach at Keokuk High School and his girlfriend are facing felony charges in the assault of a northeast Missouri woman.

According to a report from KHQA out of Quincy and its sister station KTVO in Kirksville, the crime happened Oct. 8, at the ROKA Apartments in Lancaster, Missouri.

The suspects are Dalton McCarty, 26, of Wayland, Missouri, an assistant varsity football coach at Keokuk High School, and his girlfriend, Khristian “Khrissy” Hill, 26, of Kirksville.

Both are charged with First-Degree Assault and First-Degree Harassment, both felonies.

According to court documents, McCarty told a Schuyler County Sheriff’s Deputy that he and his girlfriend had gone to the victim’s apartment to gather some of Hill’s belongings.

McCarty said soon after they arrived, a fight broke out and Hill was defending herself.

He told the deputy he then tried to break up the fight.

Witnesses told investigators that the victim was helpless on the pavement in front of the apartment building as if she was unconscious, and she was having seizures.

McCarty and Hill then fled the scene before deputies arrived. They later claimed it was self-defense, but they did not call an ambulance or law enforcement.

The investigating deputy said the victim told him McCarty had kicked her in the head.

When the suspects met with investigators after the assault, McCarty had blood on his steel-toed boots.

The victim had a mark in the middle of her forehead consistent with the tip of a boot.

McCarty’s boots were seized as evidence. He is being held in the Schuyler County Jail.

Hill is in custody at the Adair County Law Enforcement Center. Bond for each is set at $10,000.

The two were in court Monday for their arraignment. A judge denied their motion for bond reduction.

A spokeswoman told KTVO Monday that McCarty is still employed by Keokuk High School where he works as an associate and serves as the assistant varsity football coach.

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