School creates new website for better communication


FORT MADISON – A new, more dynamic website for the Fort Madison Community School District was unveiled to the district board at Monday night’s regular meeting.

The website was live before the Monday meeting, but the district IT and Marketing Director Sebastian Seifert gave the board a presentation of the updated site, saying the biggest priority is better communication.

“Biggest driver is the desire to be better communicators with the public. Each building has shared with us that they are struggling to get the word out at times,” Seifert said.

“We post on Facebook and that’s great, but if its 7:30 a.m. and you’re in your pjs scrolling through, you get whatever news and you’ve got our little excerpt, and then something else comes up and it just comes and goes that way. The goal really is to drive traffic to our website for news. “

The website sports the district’s new brand logo and is in the school’s crimson, black, and white colors. Across the top menu bar are separate lines for Family & Students, Community, Schools, District, School Board, and Employees.

Down the right side in bright red buttons are links for Calendars, Power School Parent Portal, Activities, Newsroom, Social Streams, and Lunch Menu.

All of the links are active for all users with the exception of the PS Parent Portal, which has to be accessed with a username and password.

On the front page of the portal is different features and news items.

All of the links are then interconnected to help spread the news.

“Just being able to control our message a little better than on Facebook, where it gets drowned out,” Seifert.

Seifert said the calendar page is the most visited page on the site statistically. The top three links they went to were the Calendar, the PS Portal, and the Activities Page.

He said they were working on the Activities Page to get some better and more relevant information to what is going on currently to try to motivate more involvement.

“We’re just trying to make it more dynamic and we’re constantly working on it,” Seifert said.

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