Each Nov. 5 vote matters – Letter to the Editor


The election is right around the corner, are you ready to vote?  Our local election, not unlike those on the national level, is extremely important.  Our community needs to move forward, free from radicalism, misinformation and aggression.

I believe that we need teamwork to achieve a strong retail base, maintain our safe communities and strengthen families. This “team” encompasses many stakeholders, not just the City Council, Mayor and school board, but every person in our community.  It means you!

So, let’s start our progress by ensuring every registered voter hits the polls on Tuesday, November 5th. Your vote does matter!  It matters because without it, the angry vote wins, without it, the negative vote wins, without it we sacrifice progress to the face of unattainable promises.

Please vote!

Rebecca Bowker
Fort Madison, IA

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