Voting is the way to solutions – Letter to the Editor


This is to all eligible voters and citizens for the city Fort Madison Iowa 

In my opinion I know this might be hurting me but this is for the citizens of Fort Madison Iowa

Right now, as a citizen you are getting prepared for these city elections and deciding on who to vote for and how it pays off getting the right person for the job and I know as a candidate for mayor without experience but sitting in those meetings whether short or long. I never saw myself ever running away from what I truly wanted which was a dream came to mind which was seeing Fort Madison and OUR community working together AGAIN then, I saw myself controlling and making the right decisions for citizens or community. I know we might not have the same view but as me being a citizen. I wanted the input from EVERYONE not just one person I asked Why would u want that? As mayor I want the input and interaction with the citizens and take the experiences to rebuild Fort Madison and I will be elected by you as citizens of Fort Madison. My life has always seems to be not about me but by everyone whomever I come to speak or interact with I don’t care about me. I am not selfish as I am willing to learn to do things even if it is the smallest task or suggestion as it is best for ALL not just one person and right now what hurts our community is everyone needs to say how they feel and understand voting might be the only way that solutions can arise not just from government officials but YOU are a citizen from Fort Madison and remember it’s not just a one person town with or without kids. I stand with you cause always we are only human but as United States citizens naturalized or fully I want everyone who has that right given to them to come out VOTE on November 5th and don’t let no one or anything stop you from what you want and know it’s the right thing to do.

I, Rodney Hoskins II as elected for mayor my vow to the citizens work out everything between community and our city government to conclude this message. I will NOT accept nothing less from the citizens of OUR town Fort Madison Iowa. 

Rodney Hoskins, II
Fort Madison

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