Family looking for memorial for murdered Keokuk woman – Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor;

In the middle of an ice storm on February 5, 2019, CaLove Sackman, mother of four was lured from her home and murdered by her abusive ex-boyfriend.  He convinced her to go for a ride with him with the promise of possibly giving her $1,000. According to his own words, minutes after being in the car with him she became frightened and tried to jump out of the moving vehicle to escape him.  He pulled her back into the vehicle and stabbed her. She managed to break free from him and get out of the car and crawl away onto the sidewalk near the mall parking lot in her hometown of Keokuk, Iowa. He then drove into the parking lot, and drove into her with his car.  He then stabbed her again. He stabbed her at least eight times according to medical reports. He then left her for dead, lying on an ice covered sidewalk. She was left there, cold and alone for nearly half an hour before someone found her. She held on for as long as she could and was able to identify her murderer to the 911 operator.
CaLove leaves behind four beautiful children who were her pride and joy.  CaLove once told me that she sometimes wished that she had made different choices in life, but wouldn’t change things if she could as those changes in choices may mean she wouldn’t have her children and “they are the best things that have ever happened to me.”
Adam McCain was found guilty of first degree murder on October 24th and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.  We are glad that he has received Iowa’s maximum sentence for his crime. But, he has taken so much and we want to turn the focus from him to her. We want to give her a memorial stone so her children and someday, grandchildren, have a place to remember her and the joy she brought to us.
Please consider making a donation. Even a small donation such as $5 would help and be appreciated. In the event that there is money left after purchasing her headstone, that money will be used to help by Christmas presents for her children this year.  You may make donations online at the following site:

Thank you,

Amy Kruse

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  1. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has sent prayers, Love and donated to the kids, and or to Calove headstone. Through out this journey so many people have showed us that people are great and humanity still has the power.

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