Mayor endorses Mohrfeld, Rink, and Bowker – Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor;

Matt Mohrfeld has a vision for Fort Madison. A vision of a community that is structurally sound, that plans for the future without forgetting it’s past and isn’t afraid to be creative in how to achieve it.  One that wants to set itself apart and be unique. One with progressive leadership that looks for ways to retain our youth and partners with the residents and businesses alike so that everyone prospers and is proud to call Fort Madison home!. That type of vision will make Fort Madison stronger.  I’ve known Matt for many years and having worked directly with him on Council, he has proven in a relatively short amount of time that he is ready to step up and take a leading role in Fort Madison’s future. The Mayor’s position requires first hand experience and an immediate understanding of government.  He must deal effectively with city staff, state and national leaders in order to promote Fort Madison’s agenda. He must reach out to the residents, businesses and industry as well as the school system to create a quality of life balance, so the people want to live, work and play in our community.  Matt is ready and more than capable.  With all due respect to the other candidates, there is just no way inexperience and “last minute” can step into the Mayor’s role. Having come so far and with so much at stake involving current projects and the budget, the choice is clear.  Matt Mohrfeld for Mayor.  
Kevin Rink Brings Stability.  The City of Fort Madison will be experiencing a lot of changes in our local government with he upcoming election. With the Mayor’s position and two Council seats under new leadership, that makes the at-large race vitally important, and one that needs to stay in Kevin Rink’s hands. I have had the pleasure of serving on the Council with Kevin and have always appreciated his independent, thought driven decision making.  He approaches things pragmatically while always keeping a positive perspective.  His relationship with our community is unmatched and his desire for it to succeed is evident.   His stable voice on a new faced Council will ensure the positive and constructive changes that are unfolding in our community will continue. I look forward to Fort Madison’s possibilities and am proudly supporting Kevin Rink!
Rebecca Bowker Offers a New Perspective  As a first ward resident, I am excited for the new perspective that Rebecca Bowker brings to City Council.  I find her approach to local government refreshing and insightful. I have had many opportunities to work with Rebecca, and I have always found her to have honesty and integrity and be a lead by example consensus builder, and team player.  These are must have characteristics when working on behalf of the citizens and representing our community. Rebecca’s job with the State has placed her in the mix of a lot of tough decisions from personnel to budgets. Her position has also helped foster a partnership between the City and the Historic Prison.  That makes her a great choice for our City Council.  Please join me in supporting Rebecca for First Ward Council! 

Bradley A. Randolph,

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