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Letter to the Editor

A fresh start for a bright future

I have been reading the letters to the editor that have been sent by my opponent and I have read the letters to the editor that have been submitted by his friends. I would like to take the opportunity to respond to those letters.
I read that the current city has done a great job and that we should allow them to continue doing this great job. However, if you look at what the current city council has done in the last few years is ran away several Chiefs of Police, They have meddled in the police department and city hall for their own gain. It is no secret what has been going on in city hall. The employees for the city of Fort Madison work hard day in and day out and they should not be used as a private organization that serves a privileged few.
I heard from Councilman Morhfeld during the mayoral debate that the budget crisis is not that bad all the while the city manager has been sounding alarm bells for years that have gone ignored. At the same time the council is bleeding money they continue to funnel money into pet projects. Not all of these councilmen are for all of this but they are just outvoted by the ones that are.
The city of Fort Madison have raised taxes to the maximum amount the state will allow. And now that the council has squandered away all the money, my opponent proposes the fix for that problem would be to find more ways to tax people. You have all heard it called the franchise tax. Like I have said, It is morally corrupt to tax your citizens at the rate that we are and then have a deficit.
I watched as Councilmen Morowitz, Cangas and Lair stood up for what was right and fought for what was very clear in the golf cart vote. That the people did not want it. It was clear to the people of Fort Madison on that vote who really cares what the people do and do not want.
I look forward to bringing the council back inline with what the citizens of Fort Madison want. I believe the council needs a new direction as it is clear as day that what we are doing now is not working. Our city is in trouble financially and it is time to start using city resources to help ALL people of Fort Madison. I pray that the people will get to the polls the same way they went out in the rain to sign the golf cart petition and show the current council that what they want does matter.
Jerry Hamelton
Candidate-Councilmen at large

1 thought on “Council needs new direction – Letter to the Editor

  1. Preaching to the chior…..
    We all know the counsil was corrupt and now one of them wants to be mayor but the problem is we need to get the people of this town that go to work pay bills and take care of their own to vote to save their town.
    Our town has been hijacked and is under threat if morfeld is elected mayor.i believe joe helmick has no comflicts of interest,isnt entitled, and has only the future of our town in mind not his personal gains.personal gains by the entitled has brought us to this point.

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